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A blog and news service run by site owner and general factotum, Tony McCormack, covering news of general importance to the paving and hard-landscaping trades, reviews of brochures, press releases and websites of interest, reports on visits to trade events and shows where paving plays an important role, and just about anything else that needs talking about.

Pavestone's 2022 Brochure

We’re at the peak of the new season and all the paving manufacturers are at maximum effort to promote their wares. Pavestone’s new brochure for 2022 sets out their stall for the rest of this year and beyond, but how useful is it?

Pavestone's 2022 Brochure Logo

BuildPave's New Outlet

A new outlet for BuildPave - design, supply and installation of paving and landscaping in North-West England

BuildPave's New Outlet Logo

Bradstone Brochure 2022

After taking a sabbatical last year, thanks to The Plague, Bradstone return with a new brochure for 2022, picking up more-or-less exactly where they left off back in 2020, when terms such as “furlough”, “lockdown”, and “anti-vax” would have required explanation.

Bradstone Brochure 2022 Logo

Paving Stones Direct Brochure 2022

Covid put paid to regular brochure reviews, but now they're back and first up is online supplier, Paving Stones Direct based in leafy Worksop.

Paving Stones Direct Brochure 2022 Logo

MKM Landscaping Trade Days

The ideal chance to catch-up with major suppliers to the hard landscaping and drainage trades

MKM Landscaping Trade Days Logo

Futurescape 2021

The return, after two years, of Futurescape, the show widely regarded as the most relevant for the Landscaping Trade in Britain and Ireland. New venue, some new faces, but how did it all work out? Was the promotion to ExCel a step too far?

Futurescape 2021 Logo

Landscape Event 2021

Trade shows disappeared completely during lockdown, but now they are arising, phoenix-like, as we take another step towards what's claimed to be normality. But are they what the trade needs right now? This review looks at the first significant post-lockdown trade show for the hard-landscape industry The Landscape Event at Birmingham's NEC.

Landscape Event 2021 Logo

BS 7533 - Launch of Part 101

Long regarded as the "bible" for the paving trade, BS 7533 is undergoing major revision and the first part, covering design, is now available. Read more about BS 7533-101 here....

BS 7533 - Launch of Part 101 Logo

Interlay no more

The independent voice of paving installers and contractors for four decades, Interlay announced last Friday (April 9th , 2021) that it is to cease operations immediately. What happened?

Interlay no more Logo

Pavestone's futuristic brochure

How can paving and hard-landscaping be presented and sold in an age when ever greater numbers of customers are stuck at home or choosing to do everything online? Pavestone's clever -e-brochure points one of the ways forward....

Pavestone's futuristic brochure Logo

Stone Paving Supplies and SmartStone awards

The daffodils are beginning to show so it must be Awards Season in the paving trade! And the results are in from Britain's Stone Paving Supplies and South Africa's SmartStone...

Stone Paving Supplies and SmartStone awards Logo

BS 7533 Revised - Your Views needed!

BS 7533 has been the backbone for the paving trade for almost 30 years and it has served us amazingly well, but it's been revised and now it needs input from those most affected by!

BS 7533 Revised - Your Views needed! Logo

Steintec Utility Case Study - Participants Required

Could you be interested in helping out with an all new case study for bedding and jointing mortars, and help yourself to FREE mortar in the process? If so, read on.....

Steintec Utility Case Study - Participants Required Logo

Concrete Block Permeable Paving and the Clogging Myth

Chris Griffiths, Engineering Marketing Manager at Marshalls plc, and Tom Emerton, Pavement Engineer at the same organisation, are keen to share some research recently completed regarding the ongoing permeability of CBPP. Hopefully, this will help dispel unfounded myths.

Concrete Block Permeable Paving and the Clogging Myth Logo

After a while....

The revamped pavingexpert website has been live for around three months now and I thought this might be a good point to stand back and see how it has all worked out.

After a while.... Logo

And after lockdown???

As the world looks towards gradually emerging from the self-imposed bunkers we've inhabited for the past couple of months, what does the future hold for the paving and hard-landscaping trade?

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Pavestone Range for 2020

Always one of the annual highlights, and always one to exceed expectations, the new brochure from Pavestone is given the once over in the latest of this season's reviews.

Pavestone Range for 2020 Logo

Talasey Landscape Directory 2020

The in-depth perusal of this season's paving and hard-landscaping publications continues with the spotlight falling upon all-rounder Talasey this time - what have the multiple sub-brands got in store for us in 2020?

Talasey Landscape Directory 2020 Logo

Global Stone 2020 Brochure Review

The new brochure for a new season from leading supplier Global Stone. Just how good is it?

Global Stone 2020 Brochure Review Logo

Bradstone 2020 Brochure Review

Always a pleasure and never a chore, but what has the brand new brochure from leading Paving Manufacturer, Bradstone, got for us in 2020?

Bradstone 2020 Brochure Review Logo

NCC StreetScape Training Workshops

Latest news of the series of free training workshops being run by NCC StreetScape in 2020 for the GftK resin jointing mortars

NCC StreetScape Training Workshops Logo

FutureScape 2019

A review of the 2019 FutureScape trade event held at Kempton Park in late November

FutureScape 2019 Logo

Landscape Event 2019

An annual exhibition for the wider landscaping industry staged at Battersea Park in London - September 17/18 2019

Landscape Event 2019 Logo

No News is Good News

An update on progress with the new pavingexpert website

No News is Good News Logo

Ethan Mason Paving win at RHS Malvern Spring Show

Castacrete 2019 Brochure

London Stone 2019 Brochure

Stone Paving Supplies 2019

Interlay Special Meeting - Report

Interlay Special General Meeting

Landscape World Brochure 2019

Brett Approved Installer Awards 2019

Pavestone 2019

Global Stone 2019

Bradstone 2019

Brett Brochure 2019

FutureScape 2018

Landscape Event 2018

RHS Tatton Show 2018

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Brett Approved Installer Awards 2018

Pavestone Brochure 2018

Global Stone 2018 Brochure

Brett Brochure 2018

Bradstone 2018 Brochure

Talasey & Natural Paving 2018

UK Construction Week

The Landscape Event 2017

Tatton RHS Flower Show 2017

NHSS30 Seminar

Castacrete 2017

Natural Stone Show 2017

Traffex 2017

Marshalls' Brochure 2017

Brett Approved Installer Awards 2017

Global Stone 2017

Bradstone 2017

Natural Paving 2017

Brett Gardens & Drives 2017

FutureScape 2016 can do it with QuickSetts

Landscape 2016

South Africa 2016

Porcelain Paving that is 100% Recycled

London Stone 2016 Brochure

New Concrete BS

Stone Paving Supplies Brochure

Stonemarket 2016 Brochure

Natural Paving 2016 Brochure

EcoBuild 2016

CED launch project packs

London Stone Child Labour Campaign

Brett Installer Awards 2016

Global Stone 2016 Brochure

Brett 2016 Brochure

Landscape World 2015/16 Brochure

BS 8500 New Editions

Bradstone 2016 Brochure

Landscape Live 2015

Landscape Show 2015

ICCBP Conference 2015

Stone Show 2015

Traffex 2015

London Stone 2015 Brochure

Stonemarket 2015 Brochure

EcoBuild 2015

Brett Approved Installer Awards

Marshalls 2015 Brochure

Brett's 2015 Brochure

Exciting developments for stone paving

Stone Show 2015

Bradstone 2015 Brochure

H&S Level Playing Field

Stonemarket new products 2015

Landscape Event 2014

Tatton 2014

Chelsea 2014

Stonemarket 2014 Brochure

Brett 2014 Brochure

Natural Paving 2014 Brochure

London Stone Open Day

Global Stone 2014 Brochure

EcoBuild 2014

It's paving, Grim(sby), but not as we know it!

Brett Approved Installer Awards 2014

Marshalls 2014 Brochure

Bradstone 2014

Oooh Shoes!

London Stone heads out to Essex

7533 re-written

Stonemarket New Products

Ethical Trading 2013

Tweet for resin bound surfacing

Glee 2013

RHS Tatton Show 2013

Joint It

Golden Trowel Awards 2013

Minster Paving 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Stonemarket 2013

Stone Show 2013

Global Stone 2013

Enterprising Ireland

Natural Paving 2013

Marshalls Register Awards

EcoBuild 2013

NHSS 30 - for better or worse?

Brett Awards 2013

Marshalls 2013 Collection

London Stone new showsite

Brett 2013 Brochure

Is it a bird, a plane, or SuperCEDEC®?

Highways Sector Scheme to be launched

Bradstone 2013

SureSet: You want what colour?

Brett Commercial Catalogue

McMonagle's new approach

Resiblock is Homeward Bound

Big Prize for Aco

Smashing time for Brett

Marshalls Suds Design Guide

BorderStone 2012/13 Collection

Glee 2012

Brett's Celebrity Total Washout

Forest Pennant Stone for Bristol Eco-Home

Kilsaran's push into Britain

GapFast – the next generation

RHS Tatton 2012

Althon SUDS and Source Control

The BGS Geological Walk

Westminster Stone 2012

Chelsea 2012

Formpave 2012 Collection

Bradstone 2012 Collection

Natural Paving 2012

Brett 2012 Brochure

Acheson & Glover 2012

EcoBuild 2012

Brett Awards 2012

Forest Pennant links up with Charcon

Marshalls' 2012 Brochure

Global Stone 2012 Collection

New boss at Brett Landscaping

Stonemarket 2012 brochure

Resiblock Ready for Winter

Stonemarket 2012 Preview

Marshalls 2012 Line-up

New Website for Althon

Borderstone 2012 Collection

Improving our trade

Glee 2011

Underground Surfacing

Forest Pennant to provide stone for Worcester Library

RHS Tatton 2011

Gapfast™ Launched by Resiblock

Formpave 2011

Ronacrete in Haven Pool

National Trust Collection

Chelsea 2011

Charcon 2011 Collection

Clean sweep for CSB Enviro

Online Concrete Ordering

StreetDesign 2011

Brett Approved Installer Awards 2011

Marshalls Water Management Solutions

Global Stone 2011 Collection

Romex 5 Year Guarantee

Bradstone 2011

Stonemarket 2011

BBA for Tobermore Secura

Marshalls Preview for 2011

Charcon land Durakerb

Marshalls Monopoly

Stoke goes permeable

Landscape & Amenity

Minster Paving 2010

Envirokerb launches video guide

Natural Stone Show 2011

Westminster Stone 2010

Charcon re-emerges

A whole new Avenida™ for Hanson Formpave

Glee 2010

Ronacrete Update

Natural Paving 2010

Chelsea Flower Show 2010

Hanson Formpave at World Cup Finals

Global's Chelsea Engraving

Tobermore's new vision

Formpave Product Directory

EcoBuild 2010

Bradstone & Stoneflair 2010

Lonstone 2010 Brochure

Global Stone 2010

Brett 2010 Brochure

Marshalls 2010 Collection

New Interpave Publications

Stonemarket 2010

World of Paving

The Best of Brettish

Marshalls' 2010 New Products

Soldiering on

R2 Patio Overlay System

ICCBP 2009

Joyless Glee 2009

Tameside trial alternative sand

Terram launch online ordering

Brett's busy summer

Troubled times for block makers

Not much fun at Glee?

More Stone

Tatton 2009

New website for NCC Streetscape

Germans score again

Chelsea Flower Show 2009

A SED Spectacle

HanseClean takes the stain

StreetDesign 2009

Tobermore's Driveway Masterclass

Hard Times and stony faced cheek!

Dust suppression alert

New Brochure from EverEdge

Water and Stone

World of Paving™ launched

CityScape 2009

Pavement Joint Seminar and Demonstration

Brett 2009 Brochure

Segmental Wall Training

Marshalls 2009

Global Stone 2009

Society of Garden Designers Conference

Marshalls to close Transformation Centres

Stonemarket 2009

Natural Paving 2009

Charcon's winning ways

Permeable paving: it's child's play!

New plant for Kilsaran Concrete

Plan Expo Dublin

Interbuild 08

Ireland reviews drainage plans

Reaction to Front Garden Paving rules

Marshalls' 2009 Newbies

Glee 2008 - Review - Page 1 of 4

Marshalls make a splash with permeable paving

Paving Front Gardens Guidance published

Global Stone's Glee extravaganza

StoneFlair extends choice

Better late than never and Glee No-Show

StoneMaster and USP

Tatton Flower Show 2008

The men in white suits?

GftK for Markets and Marinas

Tobermore Launch New Schools Booklet

Health and Safety Award for Durakerb

Brett ventures north

New lifting aids from Probst

New websites

Bradstone Briefing

Chelsea Flower Show 2008

Tobermore's Big Bash

Marshall's Snake heads for Chelsea

New Rules for Cutting Paving

Chelsea launch for Brett's new Concept

Harvesting rainwater with Bradstone

Durakerb gets HAPAS approval

Writtle College goes Global

SureSet graduates at Northumbria Uni

New kit from Exac-One

News Round-Up

Natural Stone Show 2008

Global Stone 2008

Cityscape 2008

Bradstone Brochure 2008

New website for Cemex

Brett's plans for Chelsea

UK Skills Landscape Finals

Stonemarket 2008

Bradstone named "Top Supplier"

Stone price warning

Mystery markings

The only Stone Show in Town

Civils 07

Machine-laid clays?

New website for Addagrip

Suds manual from AI

New website for SureSet

Glitter and Gold for Tobermore

Formpave brochure review

Glee 2007 - A Review - Page 1 of 4

Excavator kit demo

Fancy a crack at Hampton Court?

Busiest month ever!

Caveat Emptor - Cowboy alert

Tatton 2007

PlayPave from Marshalls

New investment for Acheson-Glover

Will it ever stop raining?

New website for Charcon

SED 2007

Chelsea Diggers

New look and new catalogue for Bradstone Ireland

Marshalls' green-fingered goings-on

Natural Paving 2007 Catalogue

Tobermore Contractor's Evening

External Works 2007

NCC to unveil jointing mortars at EWx

Clever Clark-Drain

An eye-opener from Ruscrete

A Passage to India

External Works in 5 weeks

Tobermore Designer Conference

New block mix offers environmental benefits, say Marshalls

Bradstone's 2007 Catalogue

Acheson-Glover at the Olympics

Marshalls 2007 Collection

Brett's Directory 2007

Permeable Paving - latest thinking

Draft NVQ/SVQ for Hard-Landscaping

Stonemarket 2007

The saddest announcement I'll ever make

Civils 2006 Review

It's a winner!

Block Paving in the USA

Permeable developments from Formpave

The block laying robot

New look for Marshalls

Lift off for the HLTG

Re-vamped website from Terram

GLEE 2006 - Page 1 of 4

Acheson-Glover get weaving at Linen Green

EJ Stone open Paving World in Stockton

HLTG Training Courses

Interlay Newsletter

Tatton 2006:Paving, plants & perspiration

Hard Landscape Training Group - Update

Acheson & Glover score national awards hat trick

Interlay Newsletter

Tobermore Contractor's Evening 2006

SED 2006

Interbuild 2006

Marshalls' Transformation Centre

Tobermore stake their claim

Charcon's new Product Portfolio

Paver Systems' new look

7th Natural Stone Show

New Directory from Brett

Stone Crazy

Hard Landscaping Training Group Bulletin

Green Award for Acheson-Glover

Forticrete enters British Paving market

Marshalls' 2006 catalogue

SureSet spruces up Pompey

Stonemarket 2006 - Brochure Review

New length for steel edging

Formpave launches new catalogue

Civils 2005 - a review

New lightweight block splitter from Probst

Kitemark Award for Irish Paving Manufacturer

Karts and Cups for Tobermore

New facility for AggInd at Ashington

Cowboy Alert in Warrington

Glee 2005 - I

Massive Paving Sale

New Catalogue from Westminster

New Bradstone Display Area for Creagh Concrete

Specialist Paving at Tatton

Formpave launch new range of British Stone

A Brighter Barrow

Editorial Note:

A kerb you can pick up with one hand?

SED 2005 - Review Part I

Contractor's Evening at Tobermore

External Works 2005 - A Review - Part I

Great Spring for the Garden Studio

London Stone Show Review

New Guide and New Products from Tobermore

Acheson-Glover's Latest Catalogues

External Works Exhibition

Tobermore to the stars

Marshalls' 2005 Catalogue Review

London Stone Show - April 5-7th 2005

Marshalls' miracle makeover

New image for Brett

SureSet, Coal and Dragons

Stonemarket 2005

New Catalogue from TopPave

New "Duke" at Westminster

Formpave announce SUDS conference

Tobermore Training for Streetworks Gangs

Dublin Stone Show Review

Winning year for Global Stone

New Hepworth flexible couplings range

Al-Vac introduce handy vacuum lift

Dublin's first Stone Show

The Garden is now in Store

New format for Ecoblock

DecorDrive on TV

Tobermore and more and more

Glee 2004 - I

Formpave launch new website

The Irish are coming!

Trailer-mounted kerb layer

Formpave launch Deeside Paving

SED 2004 – Milton Keynes

New products from Westminster Stone

Civils 2004 - Review

New packs for Terram

Tracking down paving from yesteryear

Tobermore launch natural stone range

The Natural Stone Show

Stonemarket reveals garden for Chelsea

Marshalls reveal Fibre-reinforced paving

London Stone Show 2004

Bradstone Ireland launch new products

Stonemarket's 2004 catalogue

TopPave's new products for 2004

DIY and Garden Show 2004

New Home for Ronacrete

New Concrete Specs from December 1st 2003

100% Detail - 2003

GLEE 2003

Stone & Style to Feature at GLEE

Glee 2008 - Review - Page 2 of 4

Glee 2008 - Review - Page 4 of 4

Glee 2008 - Review - Page 3 of 4

Glee 2007 - A Review - Page 2 of 4

Glee 2007 - A Review - Page 3 of 4

Glee 2007 - A Review - Page 4 of 4

External Works 2007

External Works 2007

GLEE 2006 - Page 2 of 4

GLEE 2006 - Page 3 of 4

GLEE 2006 - Page 4 of 4

Tatton 2006:Paving, plants & perspiration

Tobermore's 2006/07 Catalogue

Glee 2005 - Part II

Glee 2005 - Part III

SED 2005 - Review Part II

External Works 2005 - A Review - Part II

Glee 2004 - Part II

Glee 2004 - Part III