Tracking down paving from yesteryear

Can you help?

Town and Country Paving Ltd. were a wet-cast flag manufacturer based in West Sussex around 15 years ago. They are NOT the same company as the PIC outfit based in Manchester/Stockport with a very similar name (series of names, if truth be told!!).

They were the first company in Britain to introduce an octagonal paving system, and, as always seems to happen, as soon as one company has a good idea, every other burgher jumps on the bandwagon and now more or less every manufacturer worth their salt has an octagonal system in their portfolio.

olde london classic octagon

This image, taken from an old catalogue (hence the 'fold line' in the centre), depicts the Olde London Classic Octagon with a Tile-on-Edge border and dates from around 1992. The previous owners of the company would be delighted to hear from anyone who specified, laid or had this feature installed in between 1992 and 1995, particularly if they have documentary evidence, such as quotations, invoices or photographs that can substantiate the date.

If you can help, email me email
at the usual address or give me a call and I'll put you in touch with the appropriate people, who are offering to cover any expenses and 'reward' anyone who comes up with the goodies.