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The application of the jointing was observed and documented independently by during May 2013.

The pros and cons for cement mortars and resin mortars are made elsewhere on the site , and the detailed use of the VDW800 mortar is covered in excruciating detail on the Driveway Jointing page. This page is intended to host the video showing use of the mortar on a residential Indian Sandstone patio. If further installation guidance or more thorough information regarding the mortar itself is required, please refer to that Driveway Jointing page.

Coverage is obviously dependent on joint width, joint depth and the plan size of the paving units used. On this particular project, with flags of the 560mm series and 20-25mm thick, the contractor reports a coverage rate of approximately 12.5m² per pail or 2kg/m².


Residential Application - Merseyside Patio

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