Sealant on application
Sample original application.

All of the sealant samples had a stage photograph taken one week after the sealant was first applied.

Regrettably, the photo taken at the one-week stage for this sample has become corrupted during storage on a hard drive and is not salvageable.

After 10 months
Result after 10 months (March 2016)
September 2016
Result after 14 months - end of trial - September 2016



1st coat: Thin white liquid with no odour and very slow penetration. Dries to noticeably enriched finish with slight lustre.

2nd coat: Very good coverage and easy to spread.


Colour enhanced? Really? There doesn't seem to be any difference between the treated and untreated areas at the completion of the 14 month trial, but more worrying, there is little sign of it when the Spring photo was taken.

If a products sells itself as a colour enhancer and then singularly fails to enhance the colour, is it really worth the money?

Stain Trials:

stain application
Application of stains
stain after 4 hrs
Stains after 4 hours
wash off stain
Wash off stain with proprietary cleaner after 24 hrs
apply mosskiller
Apply mosskiller after wash-off
stain after cleaning
Stain 48 hrs after washing-off mosskiller and cleaning with proprietary cleaner


No colour enhancement and no stain least not in this trial.

This is a real shock result. EasySeal Colour Enhancer is a popular product and, while there have been complaints that it needs to be re-done every year, on the evidence presented here, even getting 12 months useful service from it would seem to be miraculous.

This will *definitely* be a candidate for re-testing over the coming season. Something is seriously wrong here.

Note: Any apparent variation in colour of the flagstone is due solely to changes in the condition of the natural daylight at the time the photograph was taken.

Other than cropping to exclude extraneous background and adding a drop shadow to the cropped image, there has been NO post-processing of the original photographs.


Easy Seal Colour Enhancer is available from:


Easy Seal Colour Enhancer
Easy Seal Colour Enhancer

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