New Concrete BS

The BS 8500 series has recently been amended to address a number of required clarifications for the additional United Kingdom complementary provisions to be used in conjunction with BS EN 206. The BS 8500 series is divided into two parts:

  • BS 8500-1:2015+A1:2016 is the guide for the concrete buyer and describes methods of specifying concrete
  • BS 8500-2:2015+A1:2016 is the guide for the concrete producer and contains specifications for constituent materials and concrete
BS 8500
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No explanation for why they choose to illustrate a concrete spec with an image of plastering in action.

Hope the standards are more accurate!

These two key standards exist to provide UK national provisions where required or permitted by BS EN 206. They cover materials, methods of testing and procedures outside the scope of BS EN 206 but within national experience.

These amended standards will be important to anyone in a construction project who provides or requires information on ready mix concrete, including:

  • Construction contractors, specialists and manufacturers
  • Specifiers
  • Structural engineers
The new versions of BS 8500-1 and BS 8500-2 will come into effect on 16th July 2016 to allow ready mix concrete manufacturers to transition to the new requirements set out in these standards.

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