Weiss FT Plus
First Coat Application
Weiss FT Plus
Second Coat Application
After 1 week
Result after 1 week (Mid-September 2015)
March 2016
Result after 10 months (March 2016)
September 2016
Result after 14 months - end of trial - September 2016



1st coat: Medium viscosity clear liquid with odd odour and need to be pushed around to cover the substrate

2nd coat: +1:10 hrs Easily applied, good coverage


No visible impact after the winter, but no deterioration between Spring and Summer.

A touch of alage on the left-hand edge was present right from the first application, so can't be blamed on the product, and, it would seem, there has been no further colonisation since the sealant was applied.

Stain Trials:

stain application
Application of stains
stain after 4 hrs
Stains after 4 hours
wash off stain
Wash off stain with proprietary cleaner after 24 hrs
apply mosskiller
Apply mosskiller after wash-off
stain after cleaning
Stain 48 hrs after washing-off mosskiller and cleaning with proprietary cleaner


The mosskiller has been roundly defeated and left no mark whatsoever. The wine and ink have left a bit more than a trace, but the greases (oil and fat) have really made a mark.

Protection from mosskiller, while very welcome, on its own is not sufficient to justify the use of a sealant.

As with another product in this trial, Weiss FT Plus performed really well in the black limestone trials of 2011 so this result is something of a shock. Is it really all down to the porosity of the stone?

Note: Any apparent variation in colour of the flagstone is due solely to changes in the condition of the natural daylight at the time the photograph was taken.

Other than cropping to exclude extraneous background and adding a drop shadow to the cropped image, there has been NO post-processing of the original photographs.


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Weiss FT Plus
Weiss FT Plus

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