Permeable Modular Paving

Paving where the water goes through it, and of the many forms now available, it’s the modular options that arguably offer greatest versatility. Permeable block paving is the most common version, and so popular you may not even have noticed it, but it’s vastly underused on residential projects. How does it work, and how is it installed?

Permeable Paving

Permeable paving is a rapidly developing sector within the hard-landscaping trade. This page considers why it is so important, the different formats available, and how it can be installed. It also leads on to other pages considering, in particular, concrete block permeable paving (CBPP).

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The Development of Permeable Paving in Britain

This page features text taken from a presentation given by Peter Hart, then Managing Director of Formpave Ltd., at the Bristol SUDS Conference in February 2005, in which he described how he came to be involved in developing the first British designed and manufactured Permeable Paving System using concrete blocks (CBPP).

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Concrete Block Permeable Paving

Concrete Block Permeable Paving (CBPP or PICP) is a superb method of creating a permeable pavement with minimal fuss. Three different systems are examined on this page.

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Permeable and Suds-compliant paving

What is the difference between a permeable pavement and SuDS-compliant pavement? Does it matter? Which is better? Should I care? All will be answered on this page.

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Concrete Block Permeable Pavement Installation

This page features a step-by-step photo-documentary following the installation of a concrete block permeable pavement (CBPP) as a test and training panel for a local authority in North-West England.

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Installing a permeable block pavement with Formpave

Concrete Block Permeable Paving (CBPP) relies on the use of modified blocks and selected, free-draining aggregates to deal with surface water at source rather than send it into the already overworked sewer systems of our towns and cities. This page details the construction methods and materials for a typical CBPP project using Forterra Formpave.

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