Refurbishing a block paved driveway

We'll follow each and every step of the process, with each separate task being covered on a separate page. This page acts as a general introduction to the project.

The driveway in question was originally constructed in 1994 using 200x100x60mm concrete block pavers in a brindle multi-red colour with a charcoal edge course. After 17 years of service, carrying family cars as well as a number of vans and 4x4s, there are one or two areas of minor settlement that will need to be corrected, but the major problem is one of aesthetics. The surface has been heavily colonised by algae and lichens, which are masking the appealing multi-red colouring of the paving and giving the driveway a dirty browny-red neglected look.

driveway as it was
This is what we're starting with
Weeds have set up home on the paving...
...and oil leaks haven't helped its looks, either!

Other problems that will need to be addressed include some heavy weed growth and one area of contamination by engine oil leaked from one of the cars parked on the pavement.

However, the main problem, as stated, is the heavy infestation of algae, mosses and lichens which are completely covering the block surface in some areas, making it all look dirty, tired and neglected.

Algae on the suface and moss in the joints



The refurbishment scheme can be broken down into a number of individual tasks, each intended to improve or correct one aspect of the driveway's appearance. These tasks are:

Each task is documented and detailed on an individual page following on from here. To get a proper understanding of the project, it's best to read each page in turn, although separate tasks can be read as standalone articles.

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