Products, Plant and Materials Library

We maintain a comprehensive library of British, Irish and European manufacturers and their products covering all aspects of the hard-landscaping and groundworks industries. We are on the mailing lists of most major manufacturers, which ensures we are kept fully up-to-date on new products and developments, sometimes months in advance of the nationwide launch.

Popular items, such as concrete block paving types, are held in a database, with all relevant technical information, patterns, stockists and typical prices updated every month. Literature for the more obscure products is stored as a coventional reference library, divided into around 40 different categories.

If you're looking for a particular shape or colour of paving, we may be able to find a match from our library, and we make no charge for thumbing through our files to find the most suitable products for your needs.

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Please note that our Library does not supply brochures, catalogues or other literature published by the numerous paving manufacturers and Builders' Merchants; if that is what you require, then use the links page to contact the manufacturers directly.

Our Product Library is intended to help locate special items, hard-to-find pavings or suggest suitable products for unusual situations rather than provide a list of all the paving types that are readily available throughout Britain and Ireland.

What's This Paving?

There is also a service to help identify unknown or uncertain paving.

In some cases this service is free of any charge but for more difficult identifications a small charge is made.

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Full details are given on the What's This Paving page

Manufacturers and Stockists

Contacts details for dozens of manufacturers and stockists are listed in the Links section of this site. Please check there if you are trying to track down a particular company, rather than a specific product.

Manufacturers, stockists, suppliers and other companies trading in the paving, drainage or landscaping business are welcome to add details of their products and services to our library. See the Add a Link page for details on obtaining a listing and/or link on this site or refer to the Services page for details of special offers available to manufacturers and stockists.

If your company has new product information or a new catalogue, we'd be delighted to receive a copy. Click here for a pop-up window with our contact details.

Drawings Library

We also have an extensive library of construction drawings for all types of paving, drainage, earthworks and hard landscaping elements. These are available in most graphics file types, such as PDF, GIF, JPG and BMP, and as usable CAD drawings in various formats.

We make a modest charge for specific detail drawings and special requests.

Use the form below to find out if we can help.

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Product Library Categories

  • Concrete Block Pavers - all major British and Irish manufacturers
  • Clay Brick Pavers - a range of almost 1,000 colour mixes
  • Concrete Patio flags/slabs - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Drainage - vitrified clay, uPVC, linear
  • Drainage - manholes, ironwork, septic systems, land drainage
  • Reinforced Grass Paving - temporary roads, appliance access paving
  • Playgrounds - safety paving, play equipment, accessories
  • Building Chemicals - additives, dyes, adhesives, epoxy resins
  • Soil Engineering - geo-membranes, retaining wall systems, gabions
  • Highway Paving - small element, tactile, kerbs, flags/slabs, block paving, bitmac, HRA
  • Highway Maintenance - road repairs, traffic calming, street marking
  • Stone Paving - york stone, slate, granites, cobbles, setts, cubes
  • Aggregates - DTp1, selected fills, cements, sands, topsoil, quarries
  • Security - bollards, clamps, gates and barriers for car parks, fences
  • Plant - excavators, hand tools, power tools, shoring systems

Drawing Library Categories

  • Paving cross-sections - block paving, patio paving, tarmac, driveway, public footpath, public highway
  • Paving patterns - herringbones, basketweaves, bonds, random, interlocking, weaves
  • Drainage details - gullies, inspection chambers, manholes, branch junctions, rodding eyes
  • Structures - pergolas, fences, barbecues, raised brick planters, decorative walls
  • Landscape - trees, shrubs, hedges, ponds, ha-has, rockeries, embankments, terraces

Please note that a charge is made for original construction drawings

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