LTP Natural Finish
First Coat Application
LTP Natural Finish
Second Coat Application

Many of the other samples had a stage photograph taken one week after initial application. For complicated reasions involving lack of time, necessity to help with care of grandchildren, and general incompetence, this product was accidentally missed out.

After 10 months
Result after 10 months (March 2016)
September 2016
Result after 14 months - end of trial - September 2016



1st coat: Medium viscosity clear resin. Quite sticky and clings to roller

2nd coat: +1:27 hrs Slides over dried 1st coat but does eventually bond


If we assume 'Natural Finish' means it can't actually be detected by eyesight alone, then it definitely qualifies, but this also means it's all-but impossible to tell whether it done any good.

On the plus side, the stone looks clean....ish.

Very, very, similar result to the LTP Mattstone.

Stain Trials:

stain application
Application of stains
stain after 4 hrs
Stains after 4 hours
wash off stain
Wash off stain with proprietary cleaner after 24 hrs
apply mosskiller
Apply mosskiller after wash-off
stain after cleaning
Stain 48 hrs after washing-off mosskiller and cleaning with proprietary cleaner


In it's natural state, natural stone naturally cannot withstand natural stains, naturally. And LTP Natural Finish maintains that natural tradition by naturally failing to provide any stain protection, naturally.

Now, maybe LTP never said anything about stain proection: they just said it was a natural finish, and if you splosh oil, fat, ink, wine and mosskiller onto stone, it *will* stain. Naturally! And it did.

In visible results, it was remarkably similar to the LTP Mattstone and, sadly, the stain tests produce an equally disappointing outcome.

Not at all sure what this product does, if anything.

Note: Any apparent variation in colour of the flagstone is due solely to changes in the condition of the natural daylight at the time the photograph was taken.

Other than cropping to exclude extraneous background and adding a drop shadow to the cropped image, there has been NO post-processing of the original photographs.


LTP Natural Finish may not be available any longer, it seems, which may or not come as a surprise, given the results of this trial, but it *was* a purchasable product when LTP sent it to be trialled. If you'd really like to give it a go, try looking at:

LTP Online

LTP Natural Finish
LTP Natural Finish

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