Oooh Shoes!

Andrew Wherely had been in the US decorative concrete and resin flooring industry for 19 years, and like almost every other contractor worth his salt, he had always been looking for ways to make the job go faster and more efficiently. What he has developed using all those years of experience, he reckons, is a range of products that marry simplicity with clever technology.

Overshoes are nothing new to contractors working with concrete or resin flooring where it is essential to keep footprints out of a finished surface. Andrew was tired and fed up of shoes that took forever to fasten over his work boots and then came loose whilst he was wearing them. This was particularly frustrating when the loose shoe dragged in the smooth surface he had just prepared. He also found the various spiked shoes to be unstable and difficult to walk and work in.

Even more annoying to Andrew was the fact that he had to undo the shoes each time he came off the surface he was working on (for a toilet, fag or butty break) and then had to refasten them when he went back on again. Even just grabbing a different tool from the van became a real trial.

So, he came up with a new design, a strapless, slip on/slip off design that are simple to use, save time and never come loose. They are already causing a stir in the highly-competitive US decorative surface market, and now, as CEO of Shoe in Pro , he's looking to launch the shoes onto the market in Britain and Ireland.

Karen Kennedy of Shoe In Pro in the UK says,

"The shoes look like a cross between a snow shoe and a flip flop and are designed around a slip on/off principal that make them really easy to use."

shoe in shoes for concrete

The key selling point, apparently, is that there are no buckles and no straps involved, so there is no need for adjustment and none of the parts could come loose to drag in the finished surface. The unique and patented "Finger Lock" design binds the shoe onto the laces of the work boot when the foot is pushed in and creates a secure bond.

Karen also joked,

"The men I usually talk to have little or no interest in shoes, but guys can't wait to try these on. They aren't even available on the UK market until March but the pre-orders are already rolling in."

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