R2 Patio Overlay System

One of the major problems faced by homeowners looking to upgrade their patio is the excavation and disposal. Modern homes tend to have narrow access paths, and then skips are relatively expensive, so the construction costs of even a simple patio can often come to two or three times the cost of the actual paving. R2 Paving Solutions think they might have the answer: their Patio Overlay System.

While contractors tend to have a different approach, many homeowners working to a budget email in to ask if they can lay their new paving on top of the existing. In fact, this question has come up so many times that a FAQ has been added to the site in an (albeit futile) attempt to reduce the number of emails flooding in. With the advent of the R2 Patio Overlay System, homeowners and contractors now have a low-cost solution to the problem and at last, the answer may actually be "Yes!"

overlay cross section
Cross section through R2 Overlay System

Aside from the aforementioned problem with excavation and disposal, laying over an existing patio raises (literally!) the issue of having a surface that is then less than the required 150mm below DPC . The R2 System overcomes this by having the paving laid onto pedestals with 3-6mm joints that allow any surface water to drop down through the overlay patio to the underlying surface.

A 60mm high granite kerb is affixed to the existing surface using a high-strength adhesive to keep everything in place, as well as providing a tidy looking edge.

The system is incredibly versatile. While R2 Paving Solutions are making 'set size patios' available to order online, customers are able to order specific shapes and sizes, and there's a choice of over 20 different flagstones from the Domino Facette range, including the stain-proof HanseClean products reviewed on this website back in the spring.

The project packs, which are priced at £350-£400 for a 6m²-ish kit, come complete with absolutely everything that's needed, including PPE, set square, adhesive, pedestals, kerbs and of course, the flags, all of which are delivered direct to site on a single pallet.

R2 Patio Overlay Kit

Pavingexpert.com was given the opportunity to try out a small project kit....

clear weeds
Existing paving is cleared of weeds and detritus
clear weeds
Weed membrane put in place

The trial patio was to be a small 'breakfast' directly area outside the patio doors of a typical modern home. The existing 900x600 plain concrete flags were stripped of weeds growing in the joints, swept clean of any loose material, and the weed-membrane put in place.

glue kerbs
Apply adhesive to underside of kerb
kerb fixed
Kerbs are fixed in position

The kerbs are affixed to the existing paving by means of a gun-applied high-strength adhesive that is applied to the underside of each kerb unit which are then pressed into position where required.

first flag
First flag laid onto pedestals
lay flags
Further flags laid on pedestals

When the first kerb edge is in place, the flags can be placed onto the supporting pedestals. the whole process is surprisingly quick.

complete flags
Complete laying of flags
lay kerbs
Complete fixing of retainer kerbs

All the flags can be laid off the established kerb edge. On this trial, the outer corner flags were cut diagonally to create a more interesting shape. Once all the flags are in position, the remaining kerbs can be cut and fixed into position.

completed patio

Any slight wobbles or variation in levels resulting from unevenness of the underlying base can be eliminated by adding one or two of the supplied shims to the pedestals. Although not shown here, we found a scissor-type flag lifter to be a great aid when placing shims, as it can lift flags clear of the patio without disturbing any of the neighbouring units.

And that is it! An incredibly simple job that allowed this very attractive breakfast patio to be laid in less than a couple of hours, and that includes taking time to set up the photos shown above.

In summary, the prospect of a homeowner being able to install a completely new and stylish patio in a single morning without any digging or specialist tools, and all for just a few hundred quid, has got to be a winner. For contractors, the R2 Patio Overlay Kit allows them to offer their more cash-strapped customers a low-cost home improvement with the absolute minimum of fuss and inconvenience. Let's face it, a typical homeowner would be willing to pay 700 quid for the patio shown above to be supplied and installed, which means a possible 300-350 quid for the contractor in return for a couple of hours' work. That has got to be an attractive proposition!

Find out more on the R2 Patio Overlay Kit website