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If you have a question that isn't answered in the main pages of this site, all is not lost......

If yours is a general paving or drainage question, please take a look at The Brew Cabin , our Forum for the discussion of all aspects of paving, drainage, hard-landscaping and general construction - you never know, other visitors to this site might have the same or a very similar problem. The forum is sub-divided into various categories to help narrow down your search for knowledge, and you can post questions to the forum, or add your own two penn'orth after a simple registration process.


The current Brew Cabin forum contains all threads and messages posted since January 1st 2002. Older posts to the previous forum have been moved to an indexed Archive, providing a valuable knowledge base that you can search at your leisure. Click here for the forum archive index.


However, if you prefer a private answer by email, then use the form below and I'll do my best to provide an answer to you. Questions or comments made to the Brew Cabin Forum get a higher priority than emails. I try to answer all posts to the Forum within 24 hours, whereas it can take me a couple of days or more to wade through my emails.

To improve your chance of getting a reply, please read the Email FAQ . It may give you an answer much faster than I can reply!

Please, please, please don't post to the forum AND email me; it just makes more work for me and can really p*** me off.

Read the About Us page for fuller details of our current activities along with full contact details .

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When an answer is essential or urgent, the only way to guarantee more-or-less immediate attention is to pay for consultancy time.