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A subsequent page looks at the preparation and installation of a resin bound surface.

As described on the Resin Intro page , resin bound aggregates use the resin to 'glue together' the individual aggregates and to bond the lot to the substrate, which is usually bitmac or concrete. The resin hardens in next to no time and you have a hard-wearing surface that can take foot or vehicular traffic the same day.

The methods and materials shown on this page have been provided by SureSet UK Ltd , one of the country's leading Resin Bound Surfacing specialists. SureSet can supply all the materials necessary for this type of project, as well as having their own in-house crews of highly skilled craftsmen to undertake contracts for private, civil and commercial projects the length and breadth of the nation.

sureset surfacing
SureSet Surfacing to a Pedestrian Area

SureSet are now offering a no-nonsense 21 year guarantee on all its installations, covering:

  • Loose Stones
  • Oil Damage
  • Colour Change
  • Cracking
  • UV Degradation
  • Frost Damage
  • Workmanship

More information on the range of specially selected aggregates, the resins, tools and their contracting services can be found on the SureSet website .


A resin bound wearing course offers a number of advantages:

  • There are no loose stones - the decorative aggregate can't be scattered or kicked about. It's firmly and permanently bound
  • It's a full-thickness system, minimum 12mm thick and can be considerably thicker depending on aggregate size and application
  • It has a long lifespan as the resin and the aggregates are specially selected for durability
  • It can be laid very quickly - a 2 man gang can lay 30m² or more per hour and, with good weather conditions, a gang of 5 men would expect to cover 250m² in a single day
  • It can be used to overlay existing 'tired-looking' surfaces
  • Unique designs, logos and patterns are easily incorporated
  • There's a huge choice of aggregates available including rounded or crushed stone and tumbled coloured glass. Aggregates can be 'blended' to produce a particular shade or tone as required
  • The finished surface is UV stable and is not affected by oil or fuel spillages
  • Once set, the wearing course exhibits some flexibility enabling it to resist cracking
  • It's wheelchair friendly, making it ideal for DDA schemes
loading materials at sureset
SureSet products are dispatched directly from their manufacturing plant

Uses & Applications:

SureSet resin bound wearing courses can be used for all kinds of surfacing projects

  • Driveways
  • Access Roads
  • Car Parks
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Plazas, Atriums and other amenity areas
  • Cycleways and Footpaths
  • Tree Pits
  • Schools
  • Pool surrounds
  • Patios, Terraces and Roof Gardens
  • Show Rooms and Display areas
  • Internal Floors

A range of options...

SureSet Surfacing offers a wide range of possible uses, and consequently, there are a number of different construction specifications. The typical construction for, say, a pedestrian only footway will not require as much "build-up" as that for a vehicular area. Tree pit installations will require specific aggregates to ensure a porous surface while internal flooring might use a very small aggregate.

In all cases, the SureSet Technical Department can offer full advice on construction detail and suggest most suitable 'Build-Ups" for any application.

loading resin packs
Resin packs are loaded onto the delivery vehicles

See how SureSet Resin Bound Surfacing is installed on this page

A Designer's Dream

SureSet's resin bound surfacing allows intricate designs and motifs to be created within the pavement.

Small edgings, such as the aluminium units mentioned above or specially created stencils, are sometimes used to delineate areas of different colour. Each colour is individually prepared and applied, one colour at a time, until the design is completed.

The project beneath was installed using a number of custom-made stencils. A selection of colours and materials from the standard product range along with a number of bespoke mixes made especially for the project were used to create the original design. This is a great example of SureSet's unrivalled ability to bring any design to life.

decorative design

design detail
An excerpt from the original design drawing
The stencil in position

In the example shown opposite and below, an aluminium template has been used to create the outline of a complex design which was then surfaced using several different SureSet materials.

completed design
Completed design

In the design to the right, the project involved creating a seating area which was to incorporate the client's logo. To achieve the colour-changing effect in the customer's design, SureSet designed a number of colour blending mixes and some colour panels were intended to be glow-in-the-dark. Stencils were used to create the design, with the paths and seating area being installed first, the stencils lifted out and the resulting voids in-filled with the contrast colours.

seating area

Two further designs - a contemporary decorative design outside a university on the left and an aesthetically simple park pathway on the right.

decorative design

Steps invariably present a challenge on all sorts of paving and hard-landscaping projects, but the versatility of SureSet resin bound paving allows treads to be surfaced to match the other areas, whether it's a driveway, patio, pathway or courtyard.

And for the complete look, consider StepRise® , the innovative SureSet product that enables risers to be styled to perfectly complement any SureSet surface.

sureset step treads
Step treads surface with SureSet Resin Bound Paving

The Aggregates:

SureSet are able to offer a huge choice of aggregates, ranging from natural gravels and crushed rock, as well as recycled glass, metallic flake, glass beads and a whole lot more. New aggregates are constantly being tested and evaluated for use, and, if you have some special material in mind for your project, the Technical Team at SureSet will be delighted to consider its potential.

The images below illustrate only a small selection of the range of aggregates that area available. Contact SureSet's Technical Department for a full listing.

Natural Aggregates

winter frost
6mm Winter Frost
6mm Apollo
6mm Sterling
Sterling Midnight 6mm
6mm Sterling Midnight
6mm Midnight
Golden Pearl
6mm Golden Pearl
Tuscan Terracotta
6mm Tuscan Terracotta
Butterscotch 6mm
6mm Butterscotch
Barley Butter 6mm
6mm Barley Butter
Tuscan Barley Butter 6mm
6mm Tuscan Barley Butter
6mm Chestnut
6mm Bronze
Norwegian Pearl
6mm Norwegian Pearl
Milk Chocolate 6mm
6mm Milk Chocolate
Cappuccino 6mm
6mm Cappuccino
British racing green recycled slate aggregate
British Racing Green recycled slate aggregate


Buttermilk 6mm
6mm Buttermilk
Forest Green
6mm Forest Green
Blue Granite 6mm
6mm Blue Granite
Sterling Forest
6mm Sterling Forest

Spectrum Recycled Glass

mint green
3mm Mint Green
light blue
3mm Light Blue
water blue
3mm Water Blue
Traffic Red
3mm Traffic Red
light pink
3mm Light Pink
3mm Squirrel Grey
zinc yellow
3mm Zinc Yellow
daffodil yellow
3mm Daffodil Yellow
lemon yellow
3mm Lemon Yellow
Bottle Green
Bottle Green recycled glass 3mm aggregate

Video from SureSet:

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