Waste not: want not...

Tom Quinn works on the highways of County Limerick and over recent years, he's become quite adept at the block laying and is responsible for many of the better quality paths and crossings around Kilmallock and Hospital. It was Tom that came up with many of the clever design inserts on the driveway crossings in Kilmallock that have brightened up what could quite easily have been plain, boring grey block paving. One thing about the job that has always irked Tom is the wastage - the vast quantity of discarded off-cuts that are generated on every block paving job. Of course, these could be rounded-up and sent to the local crusher to turn them into a tolerable fill material for other jobs, but Tom had a better idea, and one that fits in well with his location in the west of Ireland ... Round Towers. See for yourself ... can you come up with something better?

Version 1 features a tower set on its own paved plinth with a cast concrete pinnacle moulded with the aid of a traffic cone.
Emboldened with the previous success, Version 2 soars even higher and even has a complement of gaurds at the top.
This plinth could be destined for Castle Quinn Mk III - watch this space!