StoneFlair extends choice

Garden hard landscaping manufacturer StoneFlair is adding new products to its range for 2009 as they recognise that the sector is becoming ever more competitive and the need to stand out from the crowd is essential if they are to win over what they refer to as "the discerning purchaser" .

Natural stone continues to dominate the trade so StoneFlair is introducing four new collections to meet the changing demands of the customer.

Purestone Modena is a contemporary natural polished and sandblasted stone with clean, sawn sides. The StoneFlair PR bods reckon it is perfect for urban gardens, as well as creating a distinctive look in the traditional cottage garden. It will be available in a three-size patio pack and a curiously labelled "long aspect ratio pack" , which, other than being given the meaningless numbers "1000 x 200", is not explained any further.

What they do say is that "Customer research has highlighted the need for different sizing for the packs. They provide a one stop solution for purchasers looking for a quick fix in the garden, with the plus for the merchant of easy storage."

So: what sizes have they selected? How many square metres to the pack? It must be a secret, because the press release says nowt. Are we to be kept in suspense until Glee? What was the problem with the previous size mix? The rest of the industry seemed to be coping admirably with a 300mm module, so what was the problem for StoneFlair customers?

Purestone Honeymede is described as "a weathered, rugged limestone in a Cotswold shade" (which means it's definitely not come from the Cotswolds, then). The paving is available in two mysterious patio packs, each containing six different sizes of paving, but we don't know what sizes and in what quantities.

The vagueness continues with news that the Purestone Sandstone collection has been extended with the introduction of patio packs in six undefined sizes and two shades: Glendale and Desert Sand. This is said to offer the consumer and the merchant considerable choice, if they can guess what sizes and pack quantities are available, that is.

Also new is Round Top Edging in Rosemount, which will complement the regular, antique and polished Sandstones.

Tom Longland from StoneFlair says:

"The product collections for natural stone are evolving year on year, such is the demand for the product. Increasing the options available to the merchant satisfies the demands of the consumer and at the same time gives them the breadth within the range to create something a little different in their garden."

The company also believes that offering the consumer an alternative to natural stone is important, as they seek to keep the market competitive and provide a viable, stylish and practical alternative. With this in mind, StoneFlair has extended the popular Bamburgh Mill range with the addition of the unquantified patio packs in a new shade, Olde Blend. No idea what colour this might be, as no images or description were provided even when requested, but I'll guess at brown-ish, sort of.

Tuscany is a Mediterranean style contemporary paving, new to the StoneFlair collection. Now it gets really silly: to quote from the press release, "Available in one shade option" . Since when was one colour an "option"? Option means choice, suggesting there is at least one alternative. One shade is not an option: it's Hobson's Choice! Only a marketing droid could ever believe that one shade is an "option".

The product comes in a patio pack of undefined coverage as well as a circle of unknown diameter and squaring off kit, which we can only hope will actually fit the circle.

The final addition to the range is "Antique Buff" Tumbled Walling, which is claimed to be a blended shade with a weathered and rumbled look..

Tom continues:

"Providing the consumer with choice is imperative, and by adding to the reconstituted stone collection as well as refreshing the natural stone offering, we are doing just that. Standing out from the crowd is always a challenge in this tough marketplace, but we're confident the new collection allows us to do that and offers the merchant the complete package."

But will the all-important merchant let us lesser mortals in the installation trade, and the customer who hands over the money, in on the secret of what sizes are available? Stay tuned!


The luvverley people that look after the PR for StoneFlair have now sent the size information...

Purestone Modena

Long aspect ratio: Size 1000 x 200 which means it’s long, thin slabs. They have sawn sides so when laid give a real modern feel.

3 patio packs at 1000 x 500, 750 x 500 and 500 x 500 with 12m² per pack

Purestone Honeymede

  • Six sizes:
  • 600 x 600
  • 600 x 450
  • 450 x 450
  • 300 x 450
  • 300 x 300
  • 600 x 300
  • Two patio packs sized 5m² and 10m² per pack

Purestone Sandstone

2 shades are Glendale and Desert Sand

  • Six sizes:
  • 600 x 600
  • 600 x 450
  • 450 x 450
  • 300 x 450
  • 300 x 300
  • 600 x 300
  • Two patio packs sized 5m² and 10m² per pack

Bamburgh Mill

  • 6 sizes:
  • 620 x 620
  • 620 x 465
  • 620 x 310
  • 465 x 465
  • 465 x 310
  • 310 x 310
  • Two patio packs sized 5m² and 10m² per pack


  • 4 sizes:
  • 200 x 200
  • 200 x 400
  • 400 x 400
  • 400 x 600
  • 1 patio pack sized 10m²
  • Circle @ 2700 diameter

Tumbled Walling

  • 2 shades: Antique Cotswold and Antique Brown
  • 3 sizes:
  • 290 x 290 x 136
  • 290 x 90 x 63
  • 215 x 90 x 63