The project utilises porphyry cubes with detailing of the guilloche threshold panel picked out in flamed basalt. Two colours of poprphyry are used: mixed reds for the bulk of the paving with a reasonably homogenous pink porphyry used to empasise the outer edge of each of the fans.

The fan pattern, sometimes referred to as Florentine or Fleur-de-Lys pattern, was scaled to best suit the scale of the project and the sizes of setts available. Successful construction of sett fan patterns relies on there being a selection of sizes available, from 50-60mm to 100-120mm plan size, as this enable accurate curves of various radii with reasonably consistent joint width and minimal trimming. Further detail regarding the installation of sett fans and bogens can be found elsewhere on this website.

porphyry setts
The main driveway showing the fan pattern when wet, which enhances the colour
florentine pattern porphyry
Looking towards the house....
fleur de lys pattern porphyry
....and the garage block
porphyry cubes
When dry, the colour of the porphyry isn't as strong, but it's still rich enough to emphasise its natural origin

decorative sett paving
Even in the late summer sun, the colour and pattern are impressive
dry porphyry
Compare and contrast: in the dry...
wet porphyry
...and in the damp
feature entrance
With the new gate pillars built, a distinctive decorative panel is required at the main entrance

guilloche decorative panel
This distinctive 'guilloche' panel uses flamed black basalt flagstones to give stark contrast to the rich porphyry setts

guilloche detail
Bespoke cutting for circles and contrast setts emphasises the high level of detail and opulence of the entrance

guilloche basalt
And as ever, a drop of rain helps bring out the colour!

guilloche close up
Cropped porphyry and flamed basalt