For most projects, we offer a highly flexible project management service covering all groundworks activities, from sewer and drainage installation to final paving and surfacing and earthworks. We'll undertake as much or as little as you require or will act as consultants on specific problems you may encounter.

We can....

  • find reputable contractors
  • undertake site surveys and setting-out work
  • monitor contractor compliance
  • calculate and validate quantities
  • source labour, plant and materials
  • compile snagging lists
Checking bed depth
Checking depth of bed for kerbing

For the householder, we can set out your paving work, establish levels and falls and make daily checks on your contractor's progress and adherence to specification. On commercial projects, we provide a full groundworks management service, covering all works from the ground level downwards, including setting out, quantity calculation and schedule preparation. Our previous projects have ranged from quality checking of paving works in city centres to supervision and installation of wet well pumping stations.

area of cover
Main area of cover

Rates vary according to what is required for each project, and an additional premium is charged for work outside a 75 mile radius of our Warrington base, to cover accommodation expenses.

Project management works best when used in conjunction with the bespoke Design Service offered by - design, contractor selection, material sourcing and installation supervision all managed on your behalf.

Fill in the form below to give us a few details of what you have in mind, and we'll get back to you by return.

showcase guilloche
Sett circular guilloche designed and supervised installation by Tony McCormack

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