CED launch project packs

CED Stone Group have introduced Riven Indian Paving Project Packs , which they claim is the most cost effective alternative to other paving ranges.

Available now and stocked at all of the CED depots, each pack provides a coverage of 15.18m² (which includes a 10mm joint - 14.85m² in real life) and comprises four different sizes (300x300, 600x300/600/900mm) all with a thickness of 22mm +/-2mm, and a great mix for creating random layouts.

CED project packs
The colour options

As you'd expect from CED, the flagstones are sourced from ethical suppliers, and they state that the packs have been put together to provide their customers with a " convenient natural stone solution. "

The range covers the more popular coloured Sandstones including beige, grey, and (sadly) mint, along with the renowned black limestone . The marketing material goes on to claim that the packs are " perfect for creating a traditional and rustic look, with complementary stone circles and setts also available. "

They continue,

"Ideal for those working with a tighter budget, not only are our Indian Riven Paving Project Packs a cheaper alternative, you will only be charged for 14.72m² (???), making this an economic choice for any project."

There's no doubt that project packs are the more popular way to buy what has come to be regarded as Patio Paving, and the mix of sizes provided by CED is reasonable. Well-distributed random layouts ( despite what the Press Release says, you cannot have a "random pattern". It's either random, or it's a pattern: it cannot be both! ) are possible with these four sizes, and the quantities of each are not too bad. Two squares and two oblongs lend themselves to creating short joint runs and regular offsets. Yes, adding further sizes allows for ever more attractive random layouts, but when you are targetting the budget market, providing additional sizes just complicates the packaging.

However, it's a cut-throat market just at the moment, and with so many distributors offering project packs in similar, if not identical, stone, much will depend on the pricing and, of course, the value contractors and customers attach to the CED brand.