Stoke goes permeable

Hanson Formpave Supplies Stoke City FC With Aquaflow™

Hanson Formpave , the Gloucestershire-based manufacturer of specialist concrete paving products has supplied over 2,000m² of its leading permeable paving SUDS system, Aquaflow , for the construction of the new car park at Stoke City FC's training ground .

Headed by main contractors Kier Northern and consulting engineers, Halcrow, the car park forms part of a new £5M development to provide improved training facilities for The Potters.

Situated on low-lying land, the site is in a flood-risk area and so the installation of permeable paving was a condition of the stringent planning consent. Having had a number of positive experiences with Hanson Formpave and its products in the past, Halcrow was confident of the performance and abilities of Aquaflow and so, appointed the permeable paving system for the 200 plus capacity car park. Specified in a Charcoal tone, the paving is perfect for areas of regular traffic use, helping to disguise oil, dirt and tyre marks.

The training ground car park installation fully utilises the technology associated with a tanked SUDS system, ideal for flood-risk areas, as the water is cleaned to a pH neutral standard, attenuated and then released back into the water course or sewerage system, up to five hours after the peak of the downpour or storm.

Commenting on the completion of the training development and the car park, Richard Smith, managing director of Stoke City (Property) Limited said:

aquaflow paving at stoke city fc

"The training development marks an exciting time at Stoke City. To continue our league progress and success it is imperative that we have the facilities, services and equipment to match and sustain our premiership position.

Halcrow's knowledge, and previous experience with both Hanson Formpave and its Aquaflow system, meant that we could be reassured and confident in tackling both the planning criteria and flood risk head on. The use of permeable paving means that we now have a flood and puddle-free car park, the perfect complement to our training pitches!"

Steve Spikes, development director for Hanson Formpave said:

"Aquaflow has proven itself time and time again and it is this reputation that has rewarded us with the opportunity to work with Halcrow once again. With Stoke City FC being both a long established and well-known football club it has also enabled us to prove the power and solution capabilities of our permeable paving SUDS system outside of the construction sector."

aquaflow paving at stoke city fc

Since promotion to the Premiership at the end of the 2007/2008 season Stoke City FC has continued to enjoy top flight football and the new training camp will be a welcome addition, continuing to boost and sustain the health, fitness and morale of the team.

The Aquaflow paving system uses its slotted and tapered sides to allow water to drain down into its sub-base; all of the run-off water then passes through a barrier layer, the Inbitex™ geotextile layer. Here the water is cleaned, through microbial action and filtration, to a pH neutral standard before going into a voided stone sub base where it is either held and released in a controlled manner or harvested and pumped out for potable re-use e.g. flushing a toilet, watering.