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One of the greatest advantages offered by some of the better resin bound surfacing systems is the permeability. This ability to allow surface water to drain straight through, virtually unimpeded, negating the need for point or linear drainage, and offering all sorts of environmental and BREEAM/LEED Brownie Points, makes it a compelling choice when considering surfacing.

Permeable surfaces offer other advantages, too. Water can't collect on the surface, so there are no puddles, making the pavement more appealing to pedestrians and vehicles alike, and with no puddles, there's no accumulation of mud or detritus, so the surface is cleaner and more attractive, requiring less maintenance.

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Water just trickles straight through any thickness of SureSet permeable resin bound surfacing

Not only do permeable surfaces bring benefits in returning water to the ground and easing the load on the nation's sewer systems, but they actually clean the water in the process, helping reduce suspended solids trapped in the water, and trapping hydrocarbons so they can be broken down by bacteria rather than carried off for expensive cleaning in a local treatments works.

Combine this permeability with the huge range of colour and grain size options, and the superlative design services provided by the SureSet paving systems and you have an ideal surfacing solution for all sorts of projects.

SureSet now has full BBA recognition - install with confidence!

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Suddenly, the ability to develop intricate, bespoke and original designs within areas notoriously tricky to drain in the traditional manner becomes stunningly simple. Courtyards, atria, plaza and piazzas, patios and precincts can be surfaced without worrying about how to get surface water out of the area. Instead, that water is dealt with at source, directing it into the ground below.

How it works:

This is achieved by using specifically chosen aggregates with little or no fine material that might block or clog a surfacing material. Instead, a tough and durable resin binds together aggregates chosen for their hardness, stability and colour, leaving plenty of void space between the individual grains through which water can drain with complete ease.

It's like the Crisped Rice Cakes made by children, where individual grains of puffed cereal are bound together with chocolate, giving a light and airy nibble but with sufficient crunch to make it interesting.

This porous, decorative upper surface needs to have a similarly permeable sub-layer which can attenuate, store and eventually disperse the surface water to the ground beneath, in much the same manner that happens when rain falls on open ground or fields.

permeable resin bound paving
SureSet permeable resin bound paving system

The precise make-up of the sub-layer varies from application to application but, essentially, it is a specific depth of clean (no fines) inert aggregate (usually 4-20mm) retained within a cell matrix system, which, in turn lies atop a geo-textile which separates it from the prepared sub-grade beneath.

The SureSet system relies on the best quality resins, specifically formulated for paving and hard-landscaping, and this enables the actual build-up for SureSet permeable pavements to be noticeably shallower than many competitor products without compromising load-bearing capability or service life.

Reduced build-up has a beneficial impact on overall construction costs. There is less excavation required, which speeds up installation time, and much less material to be removed from site, offering significant savings on landfill taxes and haulage costs.

There's a SureSet solution for all kinds of pavements, for pedestrian areas, patios and driveways, carriageways, public areas, as well as commercial, retail and leisure projects. Just a few projects are showcased below….


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SureSet are now offering a no-nonsense 21 year guarantee on all its installations, covering:

  • Loose Stones
  • Oil Damage
  • Colour Change
  • Cracking
  • UV Degradation
  • Frost Damage
  • Workmanship

More information on the range of specially selected aggregates, the resins, tools and their contracting services can be found on the SureSet website .

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Further information on SureSet's surfacing products and services are available from the website

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