guilloche design
Original design for porphyry and basalt sett guilloche threshold...
guilloche setts
....and how it turned out

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slate sett design
Panel design for sawn slate setts
sett layout
Bespoke design detail for 4-size random layout of sawn granite pavers for US client (hence the feet and inches)
sett semi-circle design
Quadrant design for reclaimed sett driveway approx. 600m²
drainage design
Design drawing for a land-drainage installation
bogen design
Installation guide for setts in bogen layout
semi-circle doorway feature
Detail drawing for semi-circular flagstone entrance to main doorway
flagstone paver design
Another design for N. America (ft and inches!) using large format pavers
decorative concrete design
Survey and site plan for decorative concrete driveway and parking
design 04
Rear patio with pool for large family garden
York stone paving, with brick edgings and gravel paths
design 02b
Front driveway in concrete block paving
Click here for full size image of this plan
design 03

Above: A rear garden design using reproduction riven paving around a lawn with raised planter beds and a play area for the children.

Opposite: Detail from a design for a concrete block paved driveway

design 07

design 06a

design 06b

Above: Design for a long driveway and elevated patio terrace, all to be laid in tumbled concrete block paving, with retainer walls in brickwork to suit new garage.

Opposite: Cambered threshold detail for where driveway meets public footpath, to prevent surface water from highway entering private driveway and to force vehicles to reduce speed.

Below: Step detail from raised patio area down to lawn and garden

design 06b

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