Tools for Paving Installers

Every trade has its specialist tools and paving is no different. From mauls and mallets to splitters and saws, we use an intriguing range of not-commonly seen tools to create the ideal pavement. Are all essential or is there a basic toolkit that would be enough for most installers? What should be in every tool set, and which are the luxury items?

Tools of the Trade - Hand Tools

A wide variety of tools are used in the paving, drainage and groundworks trades. Some are regular 'everyday' tools while others are a little more esoteric and may not be familiar to anyone outside the trade. This page illustrates some of the more useful hand tools.

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Cutting Tools and their Suitability

An overview of the main tools used when paving needs to be cut: hand tools, power saws; and guillotine splitters.

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Saws for paving and hard landscaping

Possibly the most useful tool for general cutting work when it comes to paving is a reliable powered saw. This page looks at the main types used, from giant stone saws to hand-held cut-off saws, and explains how they can best be used.

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Cutting with Diamond Blades

When paving needs to be cut, there is little more useful or much quicker than a good quality diamond blade fitted to a power saw. But what makes a good diamond blade? This page sets out the important facts.

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Cutting with Hand Tools

One of the key skills taught to streetmasons in the days before cut-off saws and diamond blades was the ability to cut paving units using basic hand tools. This page looks at how it is done.

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Block Splitters

When it comes to cutting block paving and other small individual paving units, there's nothing much quicker or cleaner than a splitter. Insert the piece to be cut, align, pull down the lever, and there you go! Can it really be that simple?

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Mixers for mortars, concrete and more

Mixers are another widely used tool, not just in the paving business, but throughout the building trade. This page looks at the most commonly used types, including gravity tumble mixers and forced action pan mixers.

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