Gravels and more...

Information on how gravels and other surface dressing aggregates should be used for paths, patios, driveways, access lanes and gardemns can be found on the Gravel Surfaces page.

14mm rounded golden
14mm Rounded - Golden Gravel
14mm rounded golden
14mm Round Golden Gravel used in a car park
Cheshire Pink
10mm Cheshire Pink - Mostly red, pink and white quartz and quartzites
10mm Flint
10mm Flint
10mm quartz
10mm golden quartz - more brown and tan shades than the Cheshire Pink
10mm silver grey granite
10mm Silver Grey Granite from Dalkey, Co. Dublin
14mm criggion
14mm Criggion Green Basalt - popular with HRA surfacing
14mm red
An angular 14mm red granite
18mm fluvial
18mm rounded river/beach gravel
20mm cotswold
20mm Cotswold gravel
spanish white
6mm Spanish White
limestone 10mm
10mm Limestone - v.popular in N.England