New website for NCC Streetscape

NCC Streetscape Limited , the Lancashire-based exclusive distributors of GftK pavement joint mortars in Britain and Ireland have launched a new dedicated paving website to showcase their expanded range of streetscape products, including the aforementioned GftK mortars that are said to be the market leaders in the German and Swiss markets.

The website shows the different markets for these paving joint mortars and details the complete range of products for all types of paving applications, from patios and driveways to town centres and street works, plus major commercial projects. Additionally there are materials that are said to be ideal for historic and heritage applications, where traditional pointing cannot cope with the demands of modern traffic and street cleaning machines.

The new site provides detailed Product Datasheets, a clever selection guide and a number of useful application videos, plus a selection of recent UK Case Studies, all available to view online or to download. Also featured on the site is the NCC Streetscape range of ancillary paving and hard landscaping products, which includes surface cleaners (even for difficult limestone and sandstone), surface sealers (silicate, acrylic and polyurethane), resin bound paving and tree pit systems, plus numerous other speciality chemical products for hard-landscaping contractors. The company is planning to expand and enhance this section of the website in coming weeks.

NCC Streetscape Director, David Mackay, says,

"We are proud of our customer focus and intend to be the first choice of all good quality paving and hard landscaping contractors. Visit our site or give us a call to see how we can improve your paving business. We will always 'put our money where our mouth is' and are happy to demonstrate the efficiency of our products and the cost savings that can be achieved on all your paving projects."

The new site echoes the design of the well-established NCC In Action website, both in terms of colour scheme and the clean, unfussy layout, while giving a one-stop location for hard-landscaping products without having to wade through the hundreds of other construction chemicals that NCC provide to all sectors of the construction industry. A simple tabbed navigation menu system leads to projects of various sizes and there are links to the technical data as well as the useful Online Shop.

Obviously, it's early days for the new site, but the content is generally good, with simple explanatory text and some reasonable images. It would be good to see an enhanced 'Gallery' section to show off the mortars at closer quarters and higher resolution, but I suspect that will come in time. Also, specialist sites such as this really do benefit from having a FAQ page to answer all those queries that are inevitable with any new technology. A couple of dozen calls or emails asking whether such-and-such a mortar can be used with antiqued sandstone should soon convince the web developers of the value such a page offers to a site like this.