Interlay Newsletter

As part of the on-going mutual co-operation with Interlay (the closest thing we have to an "official" trade association for block paving contractors) I'm pleased to provide a link to a "Public Version" of the latest Interlay news in PDF Format. Fully paid-up members of Interlay are entitled to the full version of the newsletter and it is sent to them direct from Interlay Towers in Leicester, but it's felt that there is a lot of content that would appeal to a wider audience, and would help promote Interlay as a pro-active trade body.

As mentioned when I published the previous Interlay newsletter , this latest edition is much more up-to-date and altogether a better read.

And again, I'd be very interested in any feedback you can provide. How do you rate the newsletter? Do you think Interlay has a relevance to the trade? What would you expect a body such a Interlay to provide for the typical contractor? You can email me email
with your thoughts or post comments to the
Brew Cabin discussion forum.