Please be advised that, because of the small minority of thieves, ne'er-do-wells and rogues that spoil things for everyone else, the following terms and conditions are applied to all users of the website. By accessing and reading the website, or by using any of the features provided by the website, visitors are indicating their full acceptance and agreement with the following terms and conditions:

1 - Accuracy

I have taken considerable pains to ensure that all the information on this web site is as accurate and up-to-date as is possible, but none of us are perfect and if there are any errors, please accept my apologies and let me know, so that I can correct them. All information is provided free of charge and in good faith and represents my own opinions, not necessarily the opinions of the construction industry big-wigs.

2 - Liability

I cannot guarantee that the information on this web site is 100% correct for any individual project and cannot accept any responsibility for errors or problems encountered by anyone who uses the information from this site on their own project. Further, I cannot accept any liability for consequential or actual damages of any kind incurred as a result of the information and advice on this web site, the forums or by email. You are strongly recommended to obtain professional, on-site advice, as every paving project is individual and presents unique problems requiring unique solutions.

3 - Confidentiality

Any comment, remark or opinion expressed in response to an email enquiry submitted to the website is strictly confidential and must not be revealed or disclosed to any third party without prior permission. Where comment or opinion is required to be presented to a third party, it may only be done so as part of an agreed consultancy commission.

This is done solely to protect the independence and impartiality of and to ensure that partial, edited or deliberately mis-represented statements are not made using the name and reputation of this website and its owner.

In essence, if you want to confront a tradesperson, supplier, distributor, manufacturer or any other third party with the sort of statement that includes words to the effect that "Tony McCormack and/or pavingexpert says......", then you need to have employed Tony McCormack and/or in order to acquire the right to use their words.

4 - Copyright

All original material on this site is copyrighted © AJ McCormack Jnr, 1997-2020. All users of this site are deemed to agree not to infringe any of my copyrighted material, be it text, photographs, construction drawings, graphics, illustrations, price guides, or the html and javascript code used within the site, other than for personal, non-commercial use. I've put a lot of work into this site and I insist that all users respect my intellectual property rights and obtain my consent before helping themselves to any of the material on this site. Be warned, I WILL take legal action against anyone stealing my work.

The current fee charged for unauthorised usage of material from this site is 5,000 pounds sterling per page of text or part thereof, and 1,000 pounds sterling per image. This fee will be imposed on any website or other publication using copyrighted material from this site without prior permission.

5 - Licensing for Commercial Enterprises

Contractors, specifiers, designers and/or other commercial bodies, be they sole traders, partnerships, companies or any other form of business, may obtain a license to reproduce agreed elements of this site by contacting me at the usual address . A charge may be made for such a license, depending on the circumstances. Note that, as with my actual paving work, I ALWAYS use the full weight of the law against any commercial operation that attempts to pass off my work as their own.

6 - Licensing for Educational Institutions

I am usually more than happy to grant a free-of-charge licence for schools, colleges and universities to use my work for non-profit educational purposes, provided that my permission is obtained in advance. However, I am not prepared to write dissertations, draught cross-sectional detail drawings or complete coursework for lazy students who have been in the alehouse for the past 3 months and suddenly realise they have a deadline to meet.

I will gladly add a link on the home page to those Educational Institutions using this site as a teaching aid - email to request.

7 - Other Companies

Where the names and trademarks of other companies have been displayed on this site, it is not intended to suggest approval of that other company for this site and its contents, nor any recommendation from myself of that company, its products and/or its services. I have tried to be as impartial as possible throughout the site, and none of my work has been funded by any individual, partnership or company other than myself, unless otherwise stated so at the top of a particular page or feature.

8 - Personal Information

See also the site's Privacy Policy

No personal information is collected from this site, other than that used to operate The Brew Cabin message board service, and the newsletter update service. Any information you do supply, such as your email address when submitting a question, is NEVER passed on to any third party.

This may include publishing photographs supplied by users of the website that may help visualise and/or explain a particular issue. Please state clearly, when submitting photographs, if you do NOT want such images to be published, regardless of their instructional or educational value to other site users.

9 - Advertising and Cookies

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I would stress that any information collected cannot be used to personally identify any users, and you can remove any such cookies from your browser by following the Privacy information provided by your browser.