Tatton 2006:Paving, plants & perspiration

This is the second and final page of a review of the 2006 Tatton Park RHS show.

More pictures: less waffle....

innovative inserts into indian circle

Innovative use of leaf-shaped mosaic inserts into am all-too-familiar Indian sandstone circle

slate bridge

A world of slate. The bridge and water-soaked underpass were particularly popular on a hot day.

lush garden

On day when the organisers were having to make PA announcements reminding visitors to take on plenty of fluids, this lush, cool garden seemed like a little slice of heaven.

natural paving

New formats and colours from Natural Paving - more news on these soon...

buddha garden

Great mosaic work, but it will need a lot of maintenance!

A-G flags

Polished flagstones from Acheson-Glover

travertine and black pebbles

Travertine and black pebbles - nice to look at, but could you walk on it?

elliptic setts

Nice sett work, but it looks and feels awfully narrow

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