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DIY Patios II
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If you've laid your own flags/slabs to your patio or pathways following the advice given on this site, send in a picture or three and we'll add them to this page.

diy patios
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This second page of the DIY Patio Gallery features two projects: a typical patio of imported Indian sandstone flags, and pathways around a conservatory constructed using a top quality wet-cast concrete flagstone.

Imported sandstone

Mark Peet is another reader who used the Brew Cabin to find answers to his queries and he's recently finished this gorgeous imported sandstone patio...

"I have posed a couple of questions to you on the Forum in the past with regard to building a raised patio and have also used information available on your site to have a go at doing my own patio. I was initially considering decking but your site also persuaded me against that." (Tony's comment...Another soul saved!!)

"I have no idea if you are interested - but I enclose a photo taken this morning of the patio we finished last night at 7pm! It will probably not be to your high standards but I am well pleased with it. The flags on the step are the thinnest I had - I had to do this or reduce the size of the step to obtain the required fall. They are on solid double brick so should be strong enough."

sandstone flag patio
"It incorporates a gully along the french door wall to enable me to get the patio level up to damp proof course (as per your reply to my forum post under name 'Searcher')... the side wall is new and has a much higher DPC so is okay.

So really this is just a note to say thanks for the site. I have the rest of the garden to landscape and the drive to do so this is only the start. I am considering a stone circle next..."


Conservatory Patio and Paths

Simon Holderness from Proud Preston emailed in to say...

"This is by far the most ambitious DIY project I have ever undertaken. After being quoted £1700 by a contractor (this was the best quote) I wondered if I could do it myself, and this led me to your excellent site. I spent a good couple of weeks planning exactly how I was going to do it, and would advise any potential DIY'er to spend the same amount of time planning. I found all the information I needed here and didn't need to look anywhere else. Any additional questions I needed answered were soon polished off by the folks in The Brew Cabin!"

patio view
"Anyway, the patio and paths amount to around 30 square metres in area and are paved with Stonemarket Riven flags. They are laid on 50mm hardcore and 35mm sand. The paths are all laid with a 1:60 gradient away from the buildings, and I have employed a 10cm gravel splash strip all around. I am pleased to say that the water runs off the patio without problems, as this was one of my main concerns about 'doing-it-myself'."
path around conservatory
"The project was completed at a cost of around £700, saving me about a thousand pounds. Suffice to say, I am well chuffed. So I would like to thank you for your excellent website, without which I would be a thousand pounds lighter, and more importantly I wouldn't feel that warm glow, every time I use my patio, that only comes from knowing you did it yourself!"


Want to add your pictures to these pages? Send your jpegs and a description of the fun you had to Tony at the usual address...

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