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Topic: Resurfacing concrete
started by: loudog

Posted by loudog on 09 June 2019,19:47
Hi I'm trying to find out is there any product as in a sort of slurry I can resurface some concrete. It's only a small area but it got pitted in the rain. Thank you
Posted by Tony McC on 11 June 2019,08:02
Yep - you need a PMCOS - Polymer Modified Concrete Overlay System. Luckily, there's some info < here >
Posted by lutonlagerlout on 12 June 2019,06:44
that is a beautiful page Gaffer,but at no point does it mention where to get the stuff or find somebody to do it  :;):  there is a company who have advertised in a big advert of my local free paper for over a year offering what looks like this,  "in the right hands" is the key phrase here
LLL :)

Posted by jwill on 12 June 2019,19:32
Would be very interested in this myself. Any tips for finding reputable trades? Preferably not the travelling variety
Posted by Tony McC on 20 June 2019,17:40
The reason the company responsible are not mentioned is because they diddled me out of the money we agreed to cover the cost of me creating that page, abstrads!

If you email me, I will, very very reluctantly, reveal the name, but I'm buggered if I'm giving them any publicity in this forum!

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