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Topic: Drive to path height?
started by: Frank4

Posted by Frank4 on 02 June 2017,13:14

What are the rules/regs around how the drive connects to the path, in regards to height?

Is a step (say an inch or two) allowed?

I ask, due to looking at some other work a paving company have done and notice one had a step up.


Posted by lemoncurd1702 on 02 June 2017,18:26
I would say that they should meet at the same level, an inch step is more of a trip hazard than a 6 inch step.
There maybe a plausible reason for this which I can't think of but a few images may enlighten.

Don't think you will find any regulations though. Maybe British standard or something but probably not enforceable.

Posted by seanandruby on 03 June 2017,09:17
a step in building regs' is from 150 to 170 in height. they say: anything below 75 ml is a potential trip hazard. ideally you want to bring your drive in at the same height as the path.
Posted by lutonlagerlout on 03 June 2017,09:27
^^ agreed a natural step is around 150mm or 6 inches in old money
do you mean a garden path or the footpath?
if its the footpath the drive should be flush or 10-15 mm higher

cheers LLL

Posted by Tony McC on 08 June 2017,18:14
Flush is the best option - you can get wheelie bins, kids' bikes, lawnmowers and the like from one to t'other with ease.

There is no regulation anywhere in Britiash or Irish standards or regulations governing height relation between a pathway and a driveway.

Posted by seanandruby on 09 June 2017,19:25
...just a bit of common sense though  :;):   :)
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