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Topic: White pointing
started by: country boy

Posted by country boy on 04 Nov. 2017,11:25
i have been asked to point a garage i'm building in white something never done before, i know i need white cement/lime/white sand but sand is not available in north west so my idea was to add titanium dioxide to the lightest coloured sand i find, would this work and how long would it stay white.
Posted by lutonlagerlout on 04 Nov. 2017,15:34
if you use a 3:1:1 soft sand :cement:lime mix it will dry up very white
must be mixed well though as Lime takes a good bit of mixing

Posted by country boy on 04 Nov. 2017,16:57
will try mix as you suggested as sample first before trying any dyes in mix thanks LLL.
Posted by joydivision on 06 Nov. 2017,20:01
In the past I have used, snowcrete, (white cement) and silver sand.
Dries perfectly white.

Posted by country boy on 06 Nov. 2017,20:31
Thanks Joydivision was going to try that sand, is it as easy to work with as building sand ?
Posted by joydivision on 06 Nov. 2017,20:54
Yeah, absolutely fine. Been a while since I have done so, but didnít find it difficult!

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