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Topic: Quinn cement
started by: henspeed

Posted by henspeed on 06 July 2010,14:10
Has anyone have any experience of Quinn cement, I normally use blue circle but my local Rembrand timber is sellign 25kg bags of this Quinn stuff at 3.50 +vat as oposed to 4.21+VAT for blue circle, as I need roughly 30 bags then tis is a saving worth making if the Quinn stuff is any good.



Posted by henspeed on 06 July 2010,14:18
Scrap that question
another local supplier will do me blue circle for 3.25+vat
happy days!!

Posted by carlbeardsmore on 06 July 2010,14:55
I use Quinn cement in concrete footings as it tends to make a very dark grey mortar if used for brickwork.
Posted by mickg on 06 July 2010,17:06
B & Q warehouse do an offer on blue circle cement if you buy 5 or more which varying on what offer is on that week can be as low as 3.25 fully inclusive
Posted by darrenba on 06 July 2010,18:40
B&Q Tradepoint are doing Blue Circle cement for 2.63+vat if you're buying more than 11 bags
Posted by Injured on 06 July 2010,19:51
I use quinn cement in my laying mixes but use Castle for any brickwork.

Not had any problems with it

Posted by Pablo on 06 July 2010,20:20
Over here quinns can be a nightmare for efflorence so only use it for kerbing etc. Never really get it with Blue circle.
Posted by rab1 on 06 July 2010,22:05
in scotland quinns is mainly used by screeders
Posted by henspeed on 06 July 2010,22:11
my nearest B&Q is 120 miles away so the local place is best
I can get the VAT back anyhow

Posted by jwill on 18 Aug. 2019,09:24
Dragging this up as can get Quinn here for mid 2's plus vat. Every other make well north of 3 quid. Why is this? Surely it's all made to same British standard?
Posted by Tony McC on 18 Aug. 2019,11:54
Yes, but.....the BS is reasonably generous, and then there are different tax breaks and govt supprt available to manufacturers based in RoI, all of which can help with retail costs.
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