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Posted: 14 Nov. 2018,21:49 QUOTE

Hi all
Just wondering has anyone made their own screed rail. I'be got a large drive to do and don't want to be on my knees the whole time screed in the bedded sand. I'm looking for something about 3m long what I can attach a pole to for pulling. Just like the probst ones but they cost over 500. Obviously it would need to be robust so it didn't bend. There must be loads of ways to fabricate one but just wandered if anyone had actually made one. Thanks in advance.

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Tony McC

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Posted: 05 Jan. 2019,09:19 QUOTE

Only just seen this....!

We made some, 20-odd years ago, using 2 to 3m lengths of aluminium box section (100x25mm, IIRC) ftted with a prupose-made steel bracket fabricated for us by a local engineering company, into which we could attach a stele from a tarmac rake (roughly 25-30mm dia, chunkier than a brush stele).

I'm not sure what happened to them. I got injured a few months after I had them made, but I know they were used for a good while after. I can only assume my brother sold them off when we cleared the yard after my owld feller died.

We did have a Probst-like version of one I bought in Gemrany in the early 1990s. It may have been Optimas, but I have a sneaky feeling it was a cheaper Eastern European version from the then Czechoslovakia or Poland. That was a good tool, but I think it got nicked on a site in Runcorn.

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