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Topic: Bit confused...
started by: owen1978

Posted by owen1978 on 05 Oct. 2018,10:54

Just saying a quick hello and looking for some advice...
This website has really helped a lot in understanding and helped me ask the right questions when I have been getting quotes.

But one thing threw me off...

I asked one contractor to describe his process...

Excavate as per usual
Quarried Type 1 which he will roller over
Additional membrane
4mm pebbles/grit NOT SAND??? and then wack
Block Pave and wack blocks
But no sand on the blocks either???

He says once the Blocks are locked and wacked they won't
move and the grit holds it tight? Thats why he doesn't put any sand on the blocks plus it stops the weeds etc...

He says his drives a near enough maintenance free

Is he having me on?

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 07 Oct. 2018,12:35
it sounds an unusual approach, almost permeable
has he done other drives near you this way that you can view?

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