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Topic: Extending shed base
started by: davidm

Posted by davidm on 14 Aug. 2019,22:35
I need to extend my existing concrete slab shed base 10'x8', 6 inch deep, to accommodate a new workshop 6 feet longer. I have researched this topic and found a previous post on this site...I have a couple of questions:
1) As this is just a larger shed, and cosmetically it won't matter too much, do you still recommend tying the new base (6'x8') to old (with 12 or 16mm rebar set in resin...not sure of length, centres?)
2) If I specify fibres to concrete mix company would this mean I wouldn't need reinforcing mesh?

Many thanks in advance for your time.

Posted by Tony McC on 17 Aug. 2019,12:41
1 - yes: always worth tieing-in, as it minimes the risk of a significant lip developing between old and new should there be any minor settlement one side or t'other of the joint.

2 - yes - that's there big selling point. No need for mesh and cradles and tie wire and getting your welly trapped in a square while raking-out the fresh simple for this type of project.

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