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Topic: Tarmac overlay
started by: rooskey

Posted by rooskey on 03 Oct. 2016,12:49

I am the new owner of a private road that has relatively small usage of cars/vans in the Somerset area. The existing road is of tarmac construction with no edging and I understand thin foundations. Despite this, it has been there for approx 25 years and it is really only the last 2 years that the road has deteriorated (due to some heavy deliveries while we were doing self-build).

I know that I should probably remove the whole road and put in proper foundations and edging but at the moment, I have not got the funds for the "top notch" job just yet.

I am considering doing an overlay to the existing surface. I need to know your best guess as to how long I can expect that overlay to look ok. Can the overlay be laid thicker in some areas (where the road is lower)?

Appreciate no guarantee with such work, so your best guess is appreciated. The road gets no more that 12 cars down it per day on average.

Overall the area to overlay is approx 300m2.

Kind regards

Posted by Pablo on 03 Oct. 2016,21:37
It would be impossible to give you even a ballpark guess I'm afraid, there's too many variables that cannot be accounted for without a proper site visit.

Posted by lutonlagerlout on 03 Oct. 2016,22:39
Dave  from RW Gale Ltd should be along in good time ,he is sort of in your vicinity and should be able to give you a rough Idea

also they are very good at this sort of work :-)


Posted by seanandruby on 04 Oct. 2016,07:13
I would of thought you would have to break out the places where it is shot and redo the sub base locally before your tarmac build up, regulating and overlay.
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