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started by: mickavalon

Posted by mickavalon on 10 Sep. 2019,17:25
Hello folks, I've not been on here for a while, but thought it the best place to get possible advice I want. Has anybody any experience with the new Cordless ranges of 9" cut off saws, Stihl/Dewalt/Husqvarna and also with Husqvarnas k4000 wet/dry 110v saw? Our trusted old Stihl has finally had enough abuse from us so I'm looking to renew, but I don't want to go down the 2 stroke road, fed up of the noise/weight and having to run off to fetch fuel/oil or both!!! All of them have dust suppression/extraction capability, just not sure about the battery life and can't seem to find any reviews for the Husky K4000. We have a table saw for regular cutting in Porcelain and stone, but for in situ cutting, deeper cuts etc we need a hand held. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Posted by Tony McC on 11 Sep. 2019,10:11
I've not had a chance to play with any of them yet - a consequence of being off-the-tools, I suppose, but it's probably the way forward.

However, as with all lecky gadgets just now, the limiting factor is the battery life and the biggest cost saving manufacturers can make is that battery. The cheap 'bargains' from Chinese manufacturers selling via Ebay invariably have crappy batteries that are frazzled in a few months, but with names such as Bosch and Husqy, even though they tend to be Chinese manufactured, you'd hope the European quality expectations would ensure a least 18 minth's of service before needing (expensive) replacement.

Mind you, having said that, I bought a cordless Bosch drill with two "power packs" and neither lasted more than 6 months, despite oinly ever being used for light domestic duties such as shelf-erecting and screw fixing/removal!

Many of the recognised tool brands are actively shifting away from fossil-fuel engines wherever they can, and switching to rechargeables. Within a generation, anyone running a 2-stroke cut-off saw will probably be regarded as an antique!

Posted by rab1 on 12 Sep. 2019,19:40
The brickie's on one of our sites are using the Sthil battery powered saws.  Personally never used one but the lads say there the mutts.
Posted by mickavalon on 13 Sep. 2019,07:28
Thank's chaps, I've gone for the Husqvarna K4000, 110v electric, soft start, 14" blade, water kit and can be fitted to a dust extractor if required. Looks a solid bit of kit and alongside the table saw, should serve us well. I'm a bit sceptical about battery life too Tony, just like to see them about a bit longer, if you know what I mean. As it is we've generally got the client's permission to use their power or we have a generator if needs be, so not really much need to go cordless at the moment. It's tried and tested with smaller power tools and I know plenty of Garden maintenance teams who use them, but maybe next year:D
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