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Posted: 23 Aug. 2018,03:48 QUOTE

Hi all,

So I saved up for months, finally got my patio installed and of course split some grease on it walking a garbage bag off it within weeks of having it!! The initial stains which I assume are grease were small droplets over 6-10 stones. Me being the OCD maniac had to get these out!! So I purchased Pour N Restore from my local hardware store. Initially it didnít seem to do much, so I followed up with someone who had some more knowledge then I did on the matter. He suggested I use powdered laundry detergent. So I poured the laundry detergent over the blocks and the next morning hosed it off. To start it did not come off easily! Now hereís my problem!!! Since adding this detergent it now looks like the entire block is stained as opposed to the little dot I had initially. It took about a week for this to appear to dry up and the stains do seem lighter, but know when those pavers get wet from rain it takes days for them to dry up as opposed to the other ones which take a few hours.  So even on s sunny day if it rained 2 days prior those pavers are still drying!!! Can anyone help me out itís driving me nuts and itís horrtible because the patio is not even 3 months old!!!!!
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R&A Pressure Washing

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Posted: 23 Aug. 2018,18:45 QUOTE

Pour & Restore is more for engine oil stains etc, you do have a product over there in the States called EBC (Enviro Bio Cleaner) which is more of a degreaser, more suited to removing grease, b-b-q fats etc.Here is the product, do a google search and I'm sure you will find somewhere local to NY to get this https://www.powerwashstore.com/P/1806/EnviroBioCleaner-55Gallon

Roger Oakley BDA(Europe)Member 2006
R&A Pressure Washing Services Ltd
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Quick Reply: Stain removal help!!!

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