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Topic: Spaghetti junction sewer (suggestions needed?)
started by: Mohh

Posted by Mohh on 09 Nov. 2019,23:34
Please note that the pipes number 1 & 2 that come in at 90 degrees are 40mm and 50mm higher than the pipe they meet. Pipe number 2 meets the 90 degree bend at 11.5 degrees. We are looking for a connection that will give a watertight seal at this junction. You'll see that it was a botched job from inception which we now have to fix.

Help urgently required people. How do I attach photos here????

Posted by digerjones on 10 Nov. 2019,09:21
I would say you need a manhole chamber. Need to put pictures on a picture hosting site first then retrieve them from there. Search on here and it will explain
Posted by Tony McC on 10 Nov. 2019,09:56
The FAQ is linked from The Noticeboard section of this forum - < Uploading Photies FAQ >
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