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Topic: Moving a soil pipe? what is the best way to connec
started by: vinny40405

Posted by vinny40405 on 01 May 2019,19:05
Hi hope you can help advise me of the best way to connect the soil pipe. Currently it drops from the roof down the middle of the kitchen, goes under the patio maybe 4 foot, under the patio for 2.10mtrs. Then its a drop of 1.6mtrs to the top of the manhole cover.
I had a builder suggest to cut a new pipe into the patio hang over the edge and vertical drop to the side of the manhole. I am wondering if i can go down the side of the manhole and cut into the existing pipe or come in just under the manhole lid. Looking at Tonys drawings on the site I do not see any like this.
I also wonder if i can put the soil pipe cut in straight on top of the old existing or put a elbow into the manhole and follow the flow of water?

i have added a picture of the back of the house and what i have done so far. < >

I had my friend Richard pop over he suggested a different way of cutting into the existing using a inspection chamber. This could be 3meters deep?

I wonder could i make a inspection chamber where the soil pipe goes under the patio, put a rodding eye to save me digging up 3 meters of soil under the patio?

Posted by Tony McC on 09 May 2019,17:31
I'd really need to see either the site or a schematic showing a cross-section to understand what it is you're trying to achieve.
Posted by vinny40405 on 09 May 2019,17:40
Sorry Tony, I  have added pictures from the back of the house and a sketch on the link but no detailed drawings. We are having bifold doors installed and the soil pipe is right in the middle of opening. I have had a few builders around and they mentioned to stitch a soil pipe from the existing to the left of the window that it currently shows.
The opening means that the soil pipe has to move enough to the left that it goes above the window on the upper floor. Using your site I thought i have to dig around 3 meters to put an inspection chamber and fit the new to the existing. I am not sure of another way that is easier or is right. From following your site I know that you are very good in pointing out the best and right way.

Posted by vinny40405 on 10 May 2019,08:59
I am digging away and have found that the soil pipe goes into a brick built manhole?? Is this normal or right? They have concreted around the soil pipe so that it sits on top of this brick hole. With bricks going down a long way I guess.

Can I put my soil pipe to the side with a rod eye and then drop into this hole the same way? So the soil pipe would go vertical to the roof as it drops to the patio level it would go right under ground and into this brick manhole??

I have added pictures to my google photos that show the soil pipe in the ground and to the left is where the new soil pipe needs to go. < >

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Tony McC on 11 May 2019,13:55
Is it just me???? I can't see the images......
Posted by vinny40405 on 11 May 2019,14:38 Sorry if it did not work. have checked and it says to share with link
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