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started by: loudog

Posted by loudog on 05 Dec. 2019,21:10
Hello. I have a 6 inch clay pipe running from my house to the bottom of my garden where I plan to put a couple of houses. My question is this, does the chamber need to be a 6 inch one as the one I purchased is a 4 inch but I was going to install it with 2 rubber reducers would this be ok. Many the is for all your time
Posted by lutonlagerlout on 09 Dec. 2019,11:52
Hi Loudog
you can go from 110mm upwards in the direction of flow but not down
so if the houses are going to connect to your 6 inch pipe,you could run a 110mm pipe from them to a 110 chamber but then after this chamber you need  a 110mm to 150mm adaptor
one of < these > should do the job
cheers LLL :)

Posted by Tony McC on 09 Dec. 2019,16:15
Yep - you can't reduce pipe diameter when adding more drainage.

If your BCO will allow you to put both houses onto a single 110mm dia drag-out chamber which then links to the 150mm dia pipe, that would be ideal, but you need to get this approved before steaming ahead as some BCOs insist on being at 150mm dia minimum as soon as there is more than one property involved.

Posted by jwill on 15 Dec. 2019,20:09
Reducing it both sides wouldn't be great reduces your ability to service the 6" run and reduces flow at chamber. 6" chamber with 4" branches are pretty common I've had one in my yard about 5 years now can't use it! As regards to 110mm I've had 4 houses on combined off this size before with bco blessing so think you will be ok upto chamber in 110mm
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