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Topic: Rainwater harvesting from landdrains
started by: RichardA

Posted by RichardA on 07 May 2019,20:33
Hi there,

I wondered if anyone can give me any advice. I'm a landscaper and we're going to be working on a garden for a customer soon. They've got an existing pond they want rid of and want us to install a rainwater harvesting tank in the hole. I wondered two things:

1. Can we run some land drains into it (with a silt trap before of course!) as well as the down pipes from the house.

2. If we did this are we legally allowed to run the overflow into the surface water drainage system? The gardens poorly drained, hence need for some land drainage so not too keen on having a soakaway for the overflow!

Hope that all makes sense, thanks in advance for any advice.


Posted by Tony McC on 09 May 2019,17:36
1 - yes


2 - yes!

Posted by RichardA on 09 May 2019,23:03
That's simple enough! Thanks Tony, really appreciate that.


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