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Topic: Retaininer wall and roots
started by: GandA

Posted by GandA on 04 June 2019,20:45
Evening all ..
I'm just after some advice concerning footings for a retainer wall. I'm building a timber shed but want to make it bigger and so making its base bigger.
This requires me to build a small wall no more than 1.2 high, iv part dug out for the footings which I planned for 300mm deep .. I knew I would find roots as close to tree but there a tad bit bigger than anticipated..

<] >

<] >

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The roots are pretty much on the surface. áLiterally 50mm below . The width of footing is about 400mm. Thickest of the root is about 100mm.

I know if it was going to be a substantial build the advice would be to dig deeper and bigger .. but given it's a small wall for a shed to hold up would I be ok to just chop it out as best as possible and continue as planned?

Posted by jwill on 05 June 2019,06:47
Big roots. I'd be looking to do away with the wall. What's the point of it it doesn't look to be retaining anything. I'd be floating the shed or maybe off a deck supported off piles screw in or hand dug?!
Posted by GandA on 05 June 2019,08:32
Ah good suggestion, tbh I hadn't even considered screw piling it's not something I know anything about..

looks like I will have to get my thinking cap on tonight after work and do some reading

If anyone else can offer any further advice or a good link it will be much appreciated

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