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Topic: Resin based jointing
started by: craigblackpool

Posted by craigblackpool on 01 May 2019,10:29
Hello all, I am looking at a 2 part resin based jointing system and I am looking for experience or advice.  I was going to consider the VDW 850 by GFTK but someone has suggested Resiply (based on price).  Has anyone used Resiply and what are the thoughts on its quality?
It is for a patio and driveway and I want the usual qualities (frost, weed jet wash resistance) and don't mind paying a bit extra if the quality is significantly different.  I can't find many reviews on Resiply however.  Grateful for any help.  Thanks

Posted by Tony McC on 09 May 2019,17:14
Resiply is OK but I think even John, the owner, would admit he's not in the quite the same league as the German manufacturers such as GftK. However, for a light-use residential project that is well laid with suitable joint widths and (very importantly) depths, I wouldn't worry too much at using Resiply if the budget was tight.
Posted by JonnyNovice on 04 July 2019,07:55
Hi Craig,

I would be interested in what you decided to use and what the end result was in the end??

Over the next few days I will be re-pointing about 60m2 of Black Limestone  patio.

I too was looking at Resiply having spoken to John (the Owner of Resiply) and thought i would give it a whirl.


Posted by Tony McC on 11 July 2019,09:37
Yes - it would be useful to get feedback on whatever products either of you used.
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