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Topic: Advise on paving height around airbricks
started by: Rossoliver

Posted by Rossoliver on 02 Nov. 2019,21:04

Iím hoping for some advice about how high I can have an area of block paving Iím laying outside my house.

The wall has airbricks, the top of which are 150mm below the DPC (which is about 60 below internal floor level). The paving will slope away from the house, but ideally Iíd like the level to be flush with the top of the airbricks (or even a little higher).

I was planning on creating a 200mm wide channel of gravel along the wall - presumably I canít cover the airbricks with gravel, but if I create a space around the vent so itís got 200mm free in front and its open upwards would that do the job, or do I need to suck it up and excavate 200mm below the vent so the paving ends up flush with the bottom of the airbrick?



Posted by lutonlagerlout on 04 Nov. 2019,01:03
you could use or make 215 by 215 gully surrounds
they are there for a reason and should not be blocked
cheers LLL :)

Posted by Rossoliver on 04 Nov. 2019,12:26
Ah, thatís along the lines of what I was thinking - now I know what to call them :D thanks!
Posted by Tony McC on 10 Nov. 2019,09:43
Are you sure about that DPC level? 150mm above the *top* of the airbrick??? In line with the boundary between stonework and brickwork??? I think you;'ve misread the levels, there!
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