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Topic: Summer training schedule
started by: Tony McC

Posted by Tony McC on 27 May 2007,17:03
We've just, more or less, finished scheduling the courses we want to offer over the summer months and they are published in the table below.

We've deliberately kept the venues vague so that we can stage the courses at locations most suitable to those wanting to attend. So: if a course is listed as taking place in the English Midlands, that could be Nottingham, Birmingham, Gloucester or Sandy, depending on where trainees find most convenient.

We need you to register an expression of interest as soon as possible. If courses are over-subscribed, we can run them for a couple of days, and where there's no interest, we can offer summat else in its place, but until we know who wants what and where, the schedule will have to remain vague.

These courses are open to ANYONE, whether you're an experienced contractor, a DIYer or a tradesman looking to expand your skill base. And I think I can safely say that those that have attended the previous courses have had a great time while actually learning summat!

Contact the < Training Officer > or meself for more info

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