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Topic: Block paving resiblocked then rains!
started by: verynewtothis

Posted by verynewtothis on 06 July 2019,19:32
Sorry everyone if this has been posted before, I have tried looking over the net, facebook and tried to contact resiblock but I still have not found the answers i'm looking for!

I have used Resiblock superior gloss today and finished a first coat on my Marshalls block paving at 14.00pm. Started around midday, approx 50 sq meters. My issue is that I was going to do the second coat but it has lightly rained at 18:00, four hours later. It wasnít bloody forecast either but hey ho!

Iím not sure what now to do, will this affect the blocks with being down for 4 hours? What would anyone now recommend to do the second coat, if being at all realistic!

There has been light rain for around half an hour just after 18:00, but it's fine again now! Hopefully all is not lost but I suppose it's sometimes the way it goes! Advice would really be appreciated and thanks for your time!

Posted by verynewtothis on 07 July 2019,09:45
Just an update, I have looked at the surface this morning and no rain spots are apparent. I'm still in two minds to know weather to apply this second coat because of the very light rain yesterday. Does anyone have any advice please? Should I second coat it or could I potentially wait over the 24 hours resiblock guidelines to apply a second coat? I know Tony states sometimes one coat is sufficient but I want to use all the remaining product to try to get a darker and longer lasting look. Thanks for your help.
Posted by ResiblockBoss on 10 July 2019,07:14
Yes we can certainly help with this. Have you phoned our office, we have a team specifically trained to give advice on precisely these situations? Pm me with your details and I'll task one of my team to assist you directly.

Posted by Tony McC on 11 July 2019,09:31
I also spoke to this enquirer, Craig. I think it's all worked out to his satisfaction  :D

Take note, other readers - Resiblock: they DO actually try to help their customers. I know that's a pretty rare service nowadays, but it's one that's worth its weight in gold!

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