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Topic: Can you make concrete smooth
started by: loudog

Posted by loudog on 13 May 2019,18:48
Hi , I have a client who had some concrete carried out on their back yard. She wanted it smooth which the people who did it tried but there are still a few trowel lines. She called me in to see if there was anything I could do, if anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciated it.

Thank you

Posted by doobin on 14 May 2019,11:09
All you can do now is to grind it down. The final finish will depend upon how hard the mix was and how well it has cured. How large an area is it? We do a lot of grinding of small areas, but they are usually well cured. Green concrete doesn't like being ground, and it is hard to get a decent finish that won't damage easily.

You need to be sure she is realistic in her expectations.

Posted by loudog on 14 May 2019,16:52
It's about 12sqm and been down about 7 months. What machine would I use to grind it down? And is there a slurry I could make maybe add sbr?
Posted by doobin on 15 May 2019,16:45
For a little area like that, I'd get a double row turbo cup grinding disc for a 9" and do it wet to avoid too much dust.

Any slurry you add will need painstaking hand finishing or even power floating to get it as smooth as I suspect she wants it. SBR mixes don't trowel off very well in my experience either- they're sort of sticky.

Grinding is simplest. This is the sort of thing you need:

< >

Double row ones are cheaper and will be fine for an outdoor job- the turbo type ones are just easier to control and make getting a smooth blended finish easier especially after doing patch repairs.

< >

A 6 x 2 area should only take a couple of hours. Lots of dust, so either a proper grinder shroud and a cyclonic dust vacuum or just do it wet (easiest for you as it's outside)

Posted by loudog on 16 May 2019,05:11
Thank you so much for your help I think what you have said is perfect. Cheers
Posted by loudog on 02 June 2019,09:51
Is there any resurfacing products I could use as in with a squeegee. I've seen some but they are American
Posted by Tony McC on 20 June 2019,17:51
We come back to a page I've just mentioned in another thread..... < Cementitious Overlay Systems >
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