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Topic: Fake hand tools online
started by: KAMIKAZEE DIY

Posted by KAMIKAZEE DIY on 03 Mar. 2018,21:05
Just wondered if anyone's ever been caught out with fake hand tools. I had a look online and it appears there is a massive fake tools industry online selling tools by all the high end manufacturers.

How good do the fakes look?

Would a seasoned pro be able to identify just by feel?

I still don't use eBay.

Posted by seanandruby on 04 Mar. 2018,10:42
Bought a long handled estwing 10 years ago for 10. Thought was a snide for that price but still using it. If it is a snide it's a good one.
Posted by Tony McC on 04 Mar. 2018,11:43
The ones I come across most are often Chinese in origin, the favourites being tinny "Marshalltown" trowels, flaky, shuddering 'Wacker' plates, and crude "Stihl" saws.

Of course, there are countless fall-apart diamond blades, inaccurate laser levels and distance measures, and some godawful rubber-ish mallets that smear anything they hit with black sludge.

The old adage tends to apply: you get what you pay for,

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